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8 Morning Mantras to Commit to Memory Right Now for a Brighter Day

Words hold a lot of meaning, so choose wisely what you say to yourself first thing in the morning. The right mantra has the power to motivate you to achieve your goals and make each and every day a great one!

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“Choose happy.”

Sounds simple, and it actually is. Remember, you have the choice to feel a certain way as you go throughout your day; you own the power of your emotions and attitude, explains Anne-Marie Faiola, author of Live Your Best Day Ever: 35 Strategies for Daily Success. By reminding yourself to “choose happy,” you’re emphasizing the fact that a positive mindset really is in your hands, and you are choosing to embark upon the day in the best way you can. Read on for 22 tricks to an instantly happier morning.

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“Write your own story.”

A great thing about stories is that they can constantly be added to, edited, and have plot changes, all by the author’s will. And, in this case, the author is you. Another by Faiola, this morning mantra sets the tone for the day, telling you that you are able to write a new chapter in your life and have it pave the way for something new and exciting. Likewise, let’s say you did something you regret the day before: You can apologize come morning and make amends, as if removing that passage or creating a powerful resolution that will carry into your future endeavors. Learn how this woman found happiness through the power of positive thinking (and has written five books about it, too).

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“Today I will relax.”

If you’re prone to being anxious, this direct, calming mantra is just what you need to get that heart rate down. Stephen Graef, Ph.D, a sports psychologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, shares, “Associations in the brain are key. By identifying a word, phrase, or image that is meaningful to you, it will not only make sense, but make it more likely to work for you,” he says. And, don’t just say it in the morning. “Repetition is the key to forming new neural highways and habits. Repeating your mantra helps make it become second nature,” Dr. Graef adds. And, if you need to break bad habits, here’s a genius trick that only takes 20 seconds.

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“What wonderful thing will happen today?”

The mantra insinuates that something great will be in store for you, and if that’s not enough to get you jumping out of the covers and out the door, who knows what will. Health and lifestyle expert, and author of Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!, Lisa Lewtan, says this one never fails to get her excited for the day ahead. You’re setting yourself up to think optimistically, as if there’s something waiting for you later in the day that will bring about joy and fulfillment. And, when you are looking for something special, you’re more likely to find it. We also love these motivational quotes from eternal optimists.

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“I’ll live as if things are rigged in my favor.”

Here’s a weird idea: Pull yourself from the covers thinking as though you’ve just won the lottery. Life and wellness coach Melody Pourmoradi CEC, AADP shares this mantra, as it’s powerful in helping her clients get out of their own way and looking forward to finding success each day. Here’s why it’s so awesome: “It changes the perception that we move through our day with,” says Pourmoradi. “If we move through each moment believing that every challenge, every interaction, every event is working for us and not against us, we truly set ourselves up for success,” Pourmoradi explains. Look to these habits of highly successful people for some extra pointers.

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“Today is a new day and my heart is open.”

When your heart is open, you’re open to love, and all the positive feelings that come with it. Whether that’s love from a person, love for your job, or even love of a new food or flavor, it keeps your body and mind eager for new experiences and joys. This mantra by confidence expert and coach, trained therapist, and TEDx speaker, Karol Ward, LCSW, really drives this message forward, and it even connects the importance of gratitude, where you’re appreciative of the variables that do bring love and happiness.

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“What else might be possible?”

This is where your imagination can take over and spark change, as this mantra encourages you to ponder what magic might lie in store for you. Rachel S. Heslin, founder of The Fullness of Your Power and author of Navigating Life: 8 Different Strategies to Guide Your Way says, “We open ourselves up to imagine all sorts of wonderful things that might happen. We’re not constrained by our past experiences or what seems practical or reasonable. By phrasing it as a question instead of a statement of something specific, we’re also programming our mind to start looking for what else might be out there.”

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“I’ve got this.”

The process of creating or choosing a mantra can be useful by focusing first on how you want to feel and then focusing on what you want to value and experience going forward. Once you’ve got that figured out, say to yourself, “I’ve got this.” And you will. “That morning mantra helps set an intention as people begin their day, allowing them to focus and refocus throughout their day, coming full circle in the evenings as they are able to reflect on the mental self-control and focus that they were able to maintain from morning to night,” says Tamara Suttle, M.Ed., LPC, ACS, a counselor and business coach. Next, find out the mantras that successful leaders have memorized.

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