Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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12 Simple but Powerful Ways Therapists Ward off Depression and Anxiety

Therapists have the same emotional highs and lows as everyone else, but they also have some handy-dandy tricks up their...

6 Proven Ways to Cope with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Knowing how to manage your OCD could stop the disorder taking over your life.

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12 Tiny Thoughts You Don’t Realize Are Triggering Your Anxiety

These common phrases aren't so innocent after all. In fact, they might be triggering your anxiety. Here's how you...

How Countries with the Shortest Days Beat Seasonal Depression

Scandinavian countries are home to some of the darkest winters, yet their citizens are often said to be the happiest...

The Secret to Happiness Only Takes One Minute a Day

Happiness is easier to attain than you might think, and it doesn't require any chanting or deep breathing. Read on...

This Is the Exact Age When the Average Woman Is Happiest

Good news: Your best years are still ahead.

7 Reasons the Holidays Give You Anxiety—and How to Cope

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but it can also be the most stressful. According to...

23 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Addicted To

The word "addiction" suggests gambling, drinking, and drugs. But there are other habits, behaviors, and even beauty products that can...

After This Mom Lost Her Infant Son, She Found Where His Donated Tissue Went—and Who It Was Helping

When one of her identical twins died shortly after he was born, this mother decided to donate his tissue to...

How to Bounce Back Stronger from Your Most Embarrassing Mistakes

So you messed up, maybe big-time—it happens. Here's how to come out of this experience a wiser, more compassionate person.

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7 Everyday Habits That Could Up Your Risk For Depression

Avoiding these common habits may lighten your mood and lower your risk of sliding into full-blown depression.

BOO! 6 Reasons Getting Scared Is Shockingly Good for Your Health

It’s OK to freak out this Halloween—it can even be healthy for you.

9 Science-Backed Tricks to Boost Your Self-Confidence

We will not tell you to 'fake it til' you make it,' but we will give you advice that boosts...

If You Need an Instant Dose of Happiness, Focus on This

The next time you need to take a second to chill, visualizing this will help you get there.

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Bad News Can Take a Toll on Your Mental Health—Here’s How to Cope

With natural disasters, health epidemics, and terrorist attacks dominating the news, it can be hard not to slip into a...

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9 Silent Signs You’re Not Taking Good Care of Yourself

Even if you live a healthy life, it may not be enough. Doctors share the signs your body might need...

If You’re a Vegetarian, You Could Be at Risk for These Mental Health Conditions

Cutting out meat to save animals and spare the environment is a noble cause—until it impacts your mental health.

The Simple Way to Stop Reliving Embarrassing Moments, According to Science

That time everyone witnessed your unreciprocated high-five? Here's how to move past it.

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9 Signs You Could Have an Anxiety Disorder

We all worry sometimes, but when your anxiety starts negatively impacting your life, it might be an anxiety disorder—and time...

Health Benefits of Gratitude: 5 Ways Counting Your Blessings Can Improve Your Life

Thanksgiving will come and go, but the positive effects of gratitude can last all year.

11 Steps You Should Take to Heal from a Traumatic Experience

A traumatic experience can be difficult to cope with, but these psychological techniques can help you manage and potentially...

What Your Nail-Biting, Hair-Twirling, Knuckle-Cracking Anxious Habits Are Trying to Tell You

Your need to chew gum as an adult might have originally been mouth-stretching as a child. Here's why that matters.

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The Sensitive Way to Recommend That Someone Needs Therapy

People dealing with relationship troubles or mental health issues may be hard to approach. While counseling could help, recommending therapy...

The Cure for Your Panic Attacks Could Be Right in Your Living Room

Mindless TV watching has gotten a bad rap over the years, but for people with anxiety, it could offer simple,...

If You Work Out This Much Each Week, Your Depression Risk Drops

Exercise is known to help keep your body in the physically best shape it can be in. But it can...