Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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8 Morning Mantras to Commit to Memory Right Now for a Brighter Day

Words hold a lot of meaning, so choose wisely what you say to yourself first thing in the morning. The...

If You Possess This One Skill, You’ll Be Happier Every Single Day

As much as you want to give negative experiences the cold shoulder, doing the opposite may actually make you happier...

How to Develop a Positive Attitude in 6 Easy Steps

Is your glass always half-empty? Retrain your brain to look on the bright side with these strategies from Shawn Achor,...

15 Beautiful Ways Real People Make Sure They Never Feel Lonely

Mother Teresa called loneliness "the most terrible poverty," and yet it's increasingly the scourge of our otherwise wealthy nation. The...

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10 Trusted Home Remedies for Natural Anxiety Relief

If anxiety is interfering with your life, consider these simple lifestyle changes that are potential home remedies for anxiety.

10 Times Overly Positive Thinking Can Totally Backfire

Most of the time, positive thinking takes you to a happier, healthier place. But not always.

7 Morning Mantras to Kick-Start Your Day off Right

In the words of Buddha, "What we think, we become," and that's never truer than in the morning.

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I Went to a Social Anxiety Support Group. Here’s What Happened

This woman reveals her fears to strangers and learns a thing or two about what it means to grow.

Being Angry Will Actually Make You Happier—Seriously!

Consider this a free pass to let all of those frustrations out.

Scientists May Be on the Road to Making Antidepressants Work Faster

Waiting six weeks for antidepressants to kick in can be excruciating for someone who's really suffering, but science may have...

This Small Mental Trick Is Helping Me Make Better Decisions Every Day

Get ready to give up mindless multitasking for something better—more control over your life every single day.

This Dietary Restriction Doubles Your Chance of Depression

It has to do with a key nutrient you might be missing.

Yes, Being Hangry Is a Real Thing—and Here’s How It Works

Have you ever snapped at a friend or family member while on an empty stomach? No, you're not crazy—there's a...

If You’re Taking Antidepressant Meds and They Aren’t Working, Here’s What You Shou...

Depression affects around 16 million Americans, and many of them turn to medication to lift the black cloud. The...

This One Disease Is 20 Percent Deadlier Than Obesity, Science Says (Hint: It’s Not Heart Disease!)

You'll never guess the surprising medical reason for unknowingly shortening your life.

9 Reasons the Phrase “Bikini Body” Should Be Banished From Your Vocabulary STAT

Checklist for a real bikini body: A body and a bikini. Got both? Put the suit on your person and—boom!—bikini...

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You Might Have This Obscure Phobia—and Not Even Know It

The ocean is very deep and very dark. Does that scare you?

Listening to This One Song Could Reduce Anxiety by up to 65 Percent

Looking for way to reduce anxiety and stress, sans medication? Look no further.

Here Is What You’ll Regret Most in Life, According to Science

Spoiler alert: It all relies on the company you keep.

Science Has Figured out Why Some Women Get Depressed at Menopause and Others Don’t

If you find yourself feeling blue during menopause, there may be a really good reason why.

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These 12 Empowering Swimsuit Pics Prove There Is No One Bikini Body

This year, let your bikini be a symbol of strength, acceptance, and beauty. Here, 12 women share the bikini shot...

Why Body Pain and Weight Gain Can Actually Be Signs of Stress

Doctors and wellness experts explain why stress can affect the body, where it tends to show up in terms of...

The Treatment That Finally Lifted My Depression After Everything Else Failed

More than 15 million Americans suffer from depression, and more than a third of them don't respond to counseling or...

Scientists May Have Found the Root of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—Here’s What You Need to Know

When you have OCD, your brain is literally under attack, says a new scientific study. The good news is that...

This Mineral Fights Depression—and It’s Cheaper and Safer Than Prescription Drugs

A common over-the-counter supplement could be a key aid in the fight against depression, according to new findings.

There’s a Scientific Reason Why Summer Heat Makes Us So Grumpy

...and it has nothing to do with the kids being home from school.

Yes, Getting Dirty Can Act as a Natural Antidepressant—Here’s Why

A growing body of research suggests that dirt—and the bacteria within it—may help stave off the blues in some people.

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This Is the Secret to Stop Your Nighttime Stress-Eating Habit, According to Science

If you're stressed out during the day, you might be overeating at night. But there's an easy fix, according to...

Just One, 30 Minute Workout Can Boost Your Body Image—Here’s Why

Step away from the full-length mirror! Use this super-simple strategy to get a positive body buzz.