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Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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9 Signs You Have Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder—and How to Beat It

At least one in 10 cases of seasonal affective disorder—depression tied to the weather—occur in the summer. Here are...

Could Rock Climbing Treat Depression? Signs Point to Yes!

Buckle up! A new study suggests a weekly bouldering session could work wonders for our mental health.

6 Scary Reasons You Need to Be Suspicious of Every Single Med Spa Out There

Med spas make big promises about quick, easy and cost-effective ways to improve your looks, but there are things their...

Stop Telling Women to “Be More Confident.” It’s Not That Simple.

When it comes to confidence, there's no one-size-fits-all. Here's why the well-intentioned advice doesn't help and can actually hurt.

10 Unexpected Beauty Treatments You Can Get On Your Lunch Hour

You're busy—we get that. Between school drop-offs, business meetings, and laundry, squeezing in a little "you" time tends to fall...

Is Your Facebook Obsession Feeding a Personality Disorder?

Sure, social media has become a normal part of life. But here's when it becomes a red flag about your...

The 44 Words That Will Give You a Longer (and Happier) Life

There’s an old saying: “It’s not about adding years to your life but adding life to your years.” So how...

14 Therapist-Approved Tips for Finding a Therapist You Can Trust

Looking for a therapist is a lot like dating. You have to meet a few different ones before you find...

The 6 Best Bath Bomb Recipes for Every Mood

Feeling restless, can't sleep, down in the dumps, or stressed? These fizzy bath bomb recipes are sure to help.

Here’s Exactly How to Tap into Your Intuition for a Happier, Healthier Life

How many times have you said to yourself, "I had a bad feeling about this. I just wish I had...

8 Ways Patience Improves Your Health—and Tricks to Keeping It

Impatience can lead to increased stress, anger, and more. Use these tips form experts who say practicing patience will give...

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12 Surprisingly Powerful Health Benefits of Being Nicer to Yourself

The emerging field of self-compassion research is proving that being kind to yourself is one of the best things you...

10 Ways to Be Nicer to Yourself (You Deserve It)

Become your own best friend for true health and happiness

Could This Go-To Breakfast Beat Depression? A New Study Says Yes!

In spite of the happy leprechaun or brightly colored marshmallows on your cereal box, your mood-boosting breakfast starts in the...

A Rare Epilepsy Disorder Took Their Toddler’s Life. But This Family Focused on Finding Joy

After their newborn was diagnosed with a devastating condition, this family knew they didn't want despair to rule their life—so...

10 Surprising Benefits of Talking to Yourself (Yes, It’s Good for You!)

Go ahead, talk to yourself. You're not crazy—we promise!

The Hidden Downside of Your Social Media Obsession

Social media may not be so social after all.

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself: 10 Ways to Shut Down Your Harsh Inner Critic

It's time to show your inner Negative Nancy the door.

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Science Has Found a 30-Second Trick to Get Happier

Scientists have come up with a pretty cool way to nip those negative memories in the bud.

There Are 9 Types of Anger: Which One Is Yours?

Fed Up. Frustrated. Irate. Whatever you call it, we've all felt it. But being aware of how you handle your...

Keeping a Laughter Journal Changed My Life—and Here’s How It Can Change Yours

How many times a day do you laugh out loud? Do you even know? I certainly didn't. But keeping a...

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Cutting This One Thing from My Diet Helped Me Get a Handle on My Anxiety

For Alison Lundberg, cutting this vice out of her diet entirely was the key to calming anxiety after a family...

11 Easy Ways You Can Fit Mindfulness into Your Busy Life

Being present is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest. These realistic tips turn everyday activities into opportunities...

Are Prebiotics the Stress Reliever You Never Heard Of?

Before you spend another night tossing and turning from stress, a new study shows that the secret to peaceful Z's...

The Secret to Finding True Joy Is Simpler Than You’d Think

"The more grievous the world, the more we need to remember the luminous beauty at the center of life."

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9 Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, but it's possible to have too much of a good thing....

Stressed? Here’s Why You Need to Start a Bullet Journal

This innovative way of journaling will make your hectic life so much more manageable.

10 Myths About Mental Health That Need to Be Set Straight Right Now

It's easy to dismiss mental health issues as being "all in your head." Here's why that's not just unfair, but...

10 Surprising Ways Gardening Is One of the Healthiest Things You Can Do

Gardening does a lot more than make your yard look nice or deliver fresh veggies. It can boost your immune...