Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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32 Secrets of People Who’ve Crossed Major Items Off Their Bucket List

Ordinary people just, you know, doing extraordinary things. (And you can too!)

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Being a pushover can have a negative effect on your own life. Here’s how to stand up for yourself.

A Psychologist Explains How Making a Bucket List Can Make Your Life More Meaningful

And how a simple visual aid helped her summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

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There are good reasons you experience insomnia on Sunday nights.

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Here's the reason why annoying things are so annoying, and why your survival could depend on them.

7 Reasons to Smile More—Backed By Science

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8 Reasons Video Games Might Just Be Better for You Than Books

When we play games, we devote a special quality of mental attention that activities like reading or watching TV often...

7 Ways Naturally Calm People Handle Stress

Anyone can borrow these easy tricks and habits that savvy people use to stay calm in stressful or angry situations.

12 Clear Signs Your Shopping Is Out of Control

Could you be among the more than 15 million Americans with a shopping addiction? Here are some signs that your...

Light Therapy: The Benefits of Healing Through Sunlight

A little vitamin D can treat skin conditions and may make you feel happier.

Lemon Balm Uses: A Calming Herb to Soothe Anxiety

Use this herb in the form of tea, capsules, oils, and creams to help with anxiety, wounds, or insect bites....

10 Wondrous Things That Happen to Your Body When You Listen to Classical Music

Classical music is more than just pleasant background noise; it may actually make you healthier. Here’s how Mozart and Vivaldi...

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? How CBT Works to Change Your Behavior

What CBT can do for emotional health issues, insomnia, pain, and more.

7 Proven Ways to Treat Anxiety Without Any Drugs

Try these natural stress-relievers when you're feeling frazzled.

Nix Social Anxiety: 11 Tricks to Calm Down Your Mind

Social anxiety is the most prevalent anxiety disease, affecting up to 20 percent of the population. But while the condition...

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Your Body’s Most Embarrassing Nervous Reactions and How to Make Them Stop

Here’s why your voice quivers, your cheeks flush, and your hands shake—and what you can do about it.

5 Hidden Strengths of Extroverts

We all know extroverts have the gift of gab and relish being the life of the party. But did you...

The Brilliant Reason Wet Fingers Prune Up (and 6 Other Secrets About Your Sense of Touch)

The secret behind "phantom" phone vibrations, why scratching could save your life, and more.

One Patient Describes: This is What It’s Really Like to Have Schizophrenia

Most days, I live, work, and function just as you do.

5 Scientific Reasons to Feel Optimistic on a Rainy Day

Feeling blue during April showers? Here, surprising ways rainy days actually benefit your mood, productivity, and relationships.

The 4 Occasions It’s Okay to Curse

Studies have shown that there are times when it's acceptable, even healthier, to use curse words rather than to contain...

How to Be Happier Where It Matters

Lasting contentment can be ours, say happiness experts, if we look in the right places.

The Fascinating Psychology of Bravery: What Makes Someone Brave?

Does courage live in the heart or the mind? What compels some people to turn toward danger and others to...

Can You Get Healthier by Shopping?

Hitting the stores can boost your brainpower, lift your mood, and even burn calories. Here’s why shopping can be a...

How Nostalgic, Happy Thoughts Make You Healthier

Boost your mood, ward off loneliness, and strengthen family bonds—all by thinking about your favorite memories.

7 Truly Unusual Ways to Be Happy

We've heard about meditating, exercising, and decluttering our lives in our quest to be happy. Tried all those? Then these...

Say Cheese! How to Smile for Better Health

Find out how to smile to look younger, live longer, look prettier, and stamp out stress.

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10 Fast Fixes to Manage Stress

Stress is a normal part of life and usually comes from everyday occurrences: Here are the best ways you can...

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The Benefits of Mental Health (or, the Upside of Being a Little Nuts)

Surprise: Certain disorders, and milder so-called subclinical symptoms, are often linked to qualities we value as a society.