Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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One Patient Describes: This is What It’s Really Like to Have Schizophrenia

Most days, I live, work, and function just as you do.

5 Scientific Reasons to Feel Optimistic on a Rainy Day

Feeling blue during April showers? Here, surprising ways rainy days actually benefit your mood, productivity, and relationships.

The 4 Occasions It’s Okay to Curse

Studies have shown that there are times when it's acceptable, even healthier, to use curse words rather than to contain...

How to Be Happier Where It Matters

Lasting contentment can be ours, say happiness experts, if we look in the right places.

The Fascinating Psychology of Bravery: What Makes Someone Brave?

Does courage live in the heart or the mind? What compels some people to turn toward danger and others to...

Can You Get Healthier by Shopping?

Hitting the stores can boost your brainpower, lift your mood, and even burn calories. Here’s why shopping can be a...

How Nostalgic, Happy Thoughts Make You Healthier

Boost your mood, ward off loneliness, and strengthen family bonds—all by thinking about your favorite memories.

7 Truly Unusual Ways to Be Happy

We've heard about meditating, exercising, and decluttering our lives in our quest to be happy. Tried all those? Then these...

Say Cheese! How to Smile for Better Health

Find out how to smile to look younger, live longer, look prettier, and stamp out stress.

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10 Fast Fixes to Manage Stress

Stress is a normal part of life and usually comes from everyday occurrences: Here are the best ways you can...

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The Benefits of Mental Health (or, the Upside of Being a Little Nuts)

Surprise: Certain disorders, and milder so-called subclinical symptoms, are often linked to qualities we value as a society.

6 Surprising Happiness Boosts

Ready to turn that frown upside down? Try these get happy tips at work, at home, and anywhere else

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7 Ways to Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Experts say an inner glow that makes you feel great – and warms the people around you – can be

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Even the most optimistic people can use a mood boost every once in awhile. Taking an extra moment for yourself

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How to Get Happy: Secrets from The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin, creator of The Happiness Project website and an upcoming book of the same name, spent a year testing

5 Things We Can Learn From Groundhog Day

Every year on Groundhog Day, along with waiting for the verdict on the length of winter from the world’s most

Depression: The Secret Men Won’t Admit

When he seems ticked off or withdrawn, it may not be what you think. Learn more about the under-reporting of...

9 Simple Stretching Exercises for Stress Relief

How to stretch your way to stress relief.

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11 Healthy Ways to De-Stress With Food

Eating when stressed can be a bad habit when the food of choice is a candy bar or bag of...

10 Ways to Improve Your Life

Relief From an Aching Back Before you call the chiropractor or a physical therapist, try spending a few days without

How to Minimize Road Rage

Experts say the keys to cool-headed commuting are maintaining a sense of what's in -- and what's not in --...

10 Keys to True Happiness

The best part -- it's well within your reach.

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Reduce Stress Through Journaling

Sometimes the simple act of writing things down can help you clarify your feelings and render them less emotionally and

32 Gratitude Quotes to Lift Your Spirits Any Day

An attitude of gratitude can inspire and motivate you even on hard days—plus, science shows it's good for your health....