Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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Practice Self-Compassion For a Better Life

Want to be happier and healthier? Be nicer to yourself!  According to study recently reported on in The New York

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How to Get Happy: Secrets from The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin, creator of The Happiness Project website and an upcoming book of the same name, spent a year testing

How Your Stress Affects Your Kids

If you’re frazzled—and who isn’t?—your children may be suffering, too.

5 Things We Can Learn From Groundhog Day

Every year on Groundhog Day, along with waiting for the verdict on the length of winter from the world’s most

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Why It’s Smart To Be Optimistic

Expecting good things can make you healthier and might even lengthen your life, says researcher Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD, author of

Depression: The Secret Men Won’t Admit

When he seems ticked off or withdrawn, it may not be what you think. Learn more about the under-reporting of...

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9 Simple Stretching Exercises for Stress Relief

How to stretch your way to stress relief.

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11 Healthy Ways to De-Stress With Food

Eating when stressed can be a bad habit when the food of choice is a candy bar or bag of...

10 Ways to Improve Your Life

Relief From an Aching Back Before you call the chiropractor or a physical therapist, try spending a few days without

How to Be Thankful and Improve Your Life

Life gets better when you adopt a gratitude attitude. David Hochman tries it out.

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6 Steps for Gaining Control in Your Life

Get the Sleep You NeedOne of the greatest threats to health in modern society is sleep deprivation. We’re so busy

Beat Depression and End Insomnia

Learn more about depression and insomnia with strategies for beating both.

78 Instant Stress-Busters

Find immediate relaxation with these easy instant de-stressing techniques.

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Experts Reveal the Best Ways to Manage Depression

Expert advice for dealing with depression.

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How to Handle Stress

The Osteopathic Physician. After making sure you have no serious medical problems, we might try osteopathic manipulation, a technique similar

The Hoarding Syndrome — When Clutter Goes Out Of Control

Saving stuff is normal. Sometimes, though, it can go too far.

How to Minimize Road Rage

Experts say the keys to cool-headed commuting are maintaining a sense of what's in -- and what's not in --...

10 Keys to True Happiness

The best part -- it's well within your reach.

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4 Top Stress-Relief Strategies

To tame tension, it helps to tackle both its physical and psychological dimensions. Here are some of the most important

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Reduce Stress Through Journaling

Sometimes the simple act of writing things down can help you clarify your feelings and render them less emotionally and

Deal With Anxiety and Get Your Life Back

Learn how to deal with anxiety, handle panic attacks, and lead a healthier mental life.

Defuse Stress for a More Enjoyable Day

37 ways to calm down fast

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Feel Good About Yourself

Scientists are learning more and more every day about the link between your mind and your health. Stress, depression, and