Nine Amazing Metabolism Boosting Foods

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The metabolism is one of the key factors to health. Your metabolism is the mechanism in the body responsible for expending calories and then fat, when the supply of calories is used up. Healthier people tend to have more efficient metabolisms that are working more while resting and are super-charged when breaking down foods.

While it’s not the only contributing factor, what you eat makes a big difference in how your metabolism is functioning. The more whole, high-quality foods you eat, the better your metabolism will run. There are specific foods that are known to boost the metabolism, as well. Add a few of these to your diet and see what a difference they make.

1. Whole grains. Whole grain is certainly having its moment in the health food spotlight right now, but there’s a good reason for that. Whole grains are tremendously more beneficial for you when compared to the highly refined grain products that make up a huge portion of our diets these days. Here’s another reason to put down the white bread and cheap pasta: whole grains will boost your metabolism. Because they’re loaded with all kinds of fibery goodness and complex carbohydrates, whole grains get your energy-burning machines in good order.

2. Hot peppers. There’s something about “hot” foods that drives the metabolism into a higher gear. Capsaicin, the “spice” found in hot peppers to make them so hot, has been found to increase metabolic rates. And here’s a bonus: capsaicin is also known to curb appetite. Can’t handle hot peppers? Garlic and ginger both have a similar effect, as does vinegar.

3. Coffee. The caffeine in coffee definitely gets your engines revved, but studies have shown that coffee, when consumed in moderation, may also have a positive effect on your metabolism. Green tea is also well known to get the metabolism going, with research showing that two to four cups per day increases the body’s calorie-burning rates during moderate exercise. And it has less caffeine per cup than coffee, which may be a good thing for your nerves.

4. Citrus. You’ve heard of the grapefruit diet, right? Well, while extremely restrictive diets involving eating one thing over the course of a week or two is not a good idea and absolutely not something we’d recommend, it’s based on a key truth about grapefruits. Scientists don’t understand why yet, but there’s something special about citrus fruit when it comes to fat-burning and increased metabolism. In addition, citrus fruits contain properties that reduce the levels of insulin in the blood stream, and that change leads to higher metabolic rates and increased weight loss.

5. Apples. Fibrous whole fruits like apples and pears make a great go-to snack when you’re trying to get and keep your metabolism running. It starts as you’re eating, expending more energy with the biting and chewing required to break down an apple than for softer foods. The fiber content then requires even more energy to be broken down, which is the key part of having a better metabolism. In addition to the metabolic boost you get from snacking throughout the day instead of limiting your food intake to three big meals, these fruits will also keep you feeling fuller, longer.

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  1. This is really good article. Boosting one’s Metabolism through foods is the best and correct way to caring your health by yourself. There are lot of artificial methods are available for increasing your metabolism, but through proper food methods, it is wonderful. Nice article for those who looking for hate taking pills for their health issues. Worth trying, no side effects, not costly, no additional effort. What are you waiting for?
    Just go ahead and plan your food with the above specified ingredients. I have already started from today

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