It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. Learn about nutrition for healthy eating.

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Surprising Omega-3-Rich Foods That Add Years to Your Life

Found in such surprising foods as flaxseed and spinach (not just salmon!), the uber-healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids called Omega 3s...

Which Healthy Green Foods Help You Lose Weight?

All green foods aren't fully loaded with fat releasing nutrients, but these power picks are.

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Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and You Might Just “Forget to Die”

Find out about the incredible health benefits of this grocery store staple, and how to make sure you get the...

Rainbow Risks: 6 Artificial Food Colors You Need To Know About

Artificial colorings are added to many different foods. They may make your food look pretty, but there can be hidden...

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Quiz: Which Food Would Win In a Fiber Face-Off?

Dietary fiber promotes digestive health and keeps you fuller longer: Can you spot which food has more of this super...

Quiz: Can You Spot the Sugar in Your Food?

Processed sugar hides in everyday food, threatening your weight, your blood sugar, and your heart. Guess which are the worst...

Coffee: The Miracle Drug

When was the last time you heard a doctor use the word miracle? Well, wake up and smell the coffee.

9 Steps to a Low-Carb Diet

If you're looking for low-carb diet tips, these easy, step-by-step changes will help you swap out less-filling options and still...

The 6 Worst Halloween Candies on the Market

Halloween doesn't have to mean you take a hiatus from healthy eating. Be good to your body by skipping the...

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13 Essentials for a High-Protein Kitchen

1. Anchovies Helpful hintsYou’d be surprised how many experienced chefs sneak anchovies into a variety of foods — with no

11 Packaged Food Words to Beware

The words written on food packaging are a contract between you and the manufacturer, as mandated by the federal government

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Is Calcium Good or Bad?

Can taking calcium cause a heart attack?

Fat and Sugar Hide-and-Go Seek

Sugar and fat are notoriously hidden in packaged foods. Here are a few visuals to get you to see what...

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Probiotics Basics

In recent years probiotics have been getting a lot of hype. They sure sound good for you. But what do

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16 Low-Calorie Breakfast Swaps

You’ve heard it a million times — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s important to get

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Can Supplements Increase Energy?

If you eat a healthy diet, megadoses of vitamins and minerals won’t rev up your stamina or strength. And the

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Get the Most From Your Daily Vitamins

Half of all U.S. adults regularly take vitamins or dietary supplements, according to data released this month by the Centers

5 Healthy Fats You Should Eat

1. Avocado They contain as much fat as a fast-food double cheeseburger, but it’s mostly in the form of good-for-you

8 Swaps to Eat More Good Carbs

You don't have to give up carbs entirely to be healthy. Try these swaps to get more nutrients out of...

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The Health Benefits of Bananas

Thanks to their low sodium and high potassium content, bananas are particularly good for people with high blood pressure. Bananas

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7 Healthy Foods to Order at an Italian Restaurant

Avoid calorie bombs the next time you visit an Italian restaurant while still enjoying delicious cuisine.

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Eat Well, Spend Less

5 strategies for eating smart without blowing your grocery budget, from how to save on wine to why going meatless...

8 Packaged Foods with Hidden Saturated Fats

Saturated fat that can increase inflammation lurk in many packaged foods. Are there in of these in your pantry?

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Are Protein Bars Worse Than Snickers?

If you decide to refuel with a protein or meal replacement bar after exercising, you could be undoing the calorie-burning

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9 Ways Nutrition and Health Collide

Potatoes and wheat-based noodles. If these foods bother you, opt for rice instead. It’s the only starch completely absorbed in...

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Why You Need Antioxidants

The reason that fruits (and vegetables) are so important to your overall health is that they are major purveyors of...

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The Nutrition Magic of Mushrooms

It’s spring, and mushrooms are popping up all over, including in your local produce aisle. You don’t have to be