Vitamins and Supplements

Do you still take your vitamins? Learn about nutritional supplements and natural supplements to enhance your health.

Exactly How Much Sun Do We Need to Be Healthy?

Go into summer prepared with new findings on how much vitamin D you really need.

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6 Supplements Doctors Say Women Can Stop Wasting Their Money On

Even if you follow a healthy diet, it's tempting to pop a multivitamin or supplement as "insurance." But guess what?...

Thinking About Popping a Vitamin D? Read This First

Health experts agree that Vitamin D is super-important to many systems in the body. But you shouldn't just grab a...

You May Be Low in This Super-Important Vitamin and Not Even Know It

Surprising numbers of Americans have low levels of vitamin D. Here's how to find out if you should get your...

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Should You Really Take Vitamin C for a Cold?

We asked experts whether it pays to take vitamin C for colds. Here's what vitamin C supplements can and can't...

More than Just a Festive Scent: 6 Surprising Frankincense Benefits

Anyone who has heard the story of the Three Wise Men know that frankincense plays an important part in the...

Grape Seed Extract Benefits: How It Heals

Consider using grape seed extract for varicose veins or to reduce pain and swelling.

Benefits of Butterbur: The Herb That Soothes Headaches and Allergies

This natural remedy will have you waving goodbye to a sniffly nose and aching heads.

Benefits of CoQ10: How Coenzyme Q10 Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

CoQ10 is a powerful compound that lowers blood pressure and improves circulatory health.

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Get the Most From Your Daily Vitamins

Half of all U.S. adults regularly take vitamins or dietary supplements, according to data released this month by the Centers

The Vitamin Myth

While some vitamin supplements can boost your health, others may actually harm.

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Fish Oil: A Vital Supplement

Eating fish several times a week is an essential part of any cholesterol-lowering plan. But believe it or not, eating