20 Really Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

If you have a nice, easy-going girlfriend, then she properly appreciates humor and irony. These are 20 good questions to ask your girlfriend that will start a bit of banter between you. The answers she gives may surprise you. But no matter what, you will learn more about her.

Would you like me to be taller?

If she says yes, it could mean she just likes the idea of feeling safe and protected

Would you like me to have more muscles?

What woman doesn’t fantasize a little bit about being loved by the handsome, hunky guy? Don’t worry too much about an affirmative to this one. We all should be able to dream a little.

Would you like me to have shorter hair?

A yes to this may be an indication of what she thinks about your overall grooming habits and standards.

Would you like me to have different color eyes?

You may want to go deeper on this one. Ask her what color eyes she would prefer. She may have seen someone else she fancies with eyes such as those.

Would you prefer I had a different job? 

If you have a dangerous or exceptionally demanding job, she will probably say yes. Don’t sweat it. She’s just showing her love and concern.

Would you rather I had more money?

What woman doesn’t want more money?  🙂

Would you like it if I bought a new car?

Your car may be an old clunker that she’s embarrassed to be seen in or it may be one that’s so sporty that it brings you too much female attention. Be aware of these possibilities when you hear her answer.

Would you prefer I had a better sense of humor?

Remember, you may not be as funny to other people as you are to yourself. Her response to this question may be the result of an embarrassing joke you told while the two of you were out with friends.

Would you prefer I spend more time with you rather than going out with the guys?

A choice of the latter spells trouble. It may mean she likes it better when you’re not around.

Would you prefer if I pampered you more?

See previous question about money.  😀

Would you prefer that I drank less?

If she says yes, take her out more often for drinks. The next time you ask you may get a different answer.

Would you prefer it if I enjoyed being around your friends more?

You don’t like her friends. She may not care, but if she does it can become a real problem.

Would you like me to change my taste in clothes?

She may be right about this one. Don’t immediately jump to the defensive. Take a moment to consider her criticisms, and then see if you can do better in your fashion sense.

Would you like me to learn about wine instead of sticking only to beer?

She may prefer wine to beer. And she may entertain notions of the two of you going to posh restaurants and dining like sophisticates. There is, however, little you can do to change how your taste buds respond to wine.

Would you like me to have different political opinions?

Not going to happen—it’s the only reasonable response.

Would you prefer to live together or live apart?

If you’re currently living in your own places, a yes to this question means she’s ready to move the relationship to a more serious level. If you’re already living together and she answers no, then, well, I think you’ve got a problem.

Would you prefer to keep separate bank account or get a joint account?

You can live together and still keep separate accounts. If she prefers to have a joint account, then you need to sit down and have a serious talk about finances—both what you spend and receive together and individually.

Would you prefer it if liked the same kinds of pets you like?

So you’re a dog lover and she prefers cats. There is no reason you can’t have both.

Would you like us to dine out more?

If she says yes, then it may be an indication that she thinks you’re a bit of cheap skate. Or, it could be the case that she would like more of your attention rather than so much of it going to your friends.

Would you like it if I showed you more affection?

There could be two different things going on here. A yes response to this may mean that she wants you to show more affection in general. It may also mean that she would like the two of you to kiss and hold hands more in public.

The point of asking these questions is to have fun. Sometimes the best way for you and yours to enjoy yourselves is to learn more about each other.


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