Seven Reasons Why Men Cheat

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It’s no secret: lots of men cheat on their wives. Sometimes it’s a total surprise, and sometimes it’s a surprise that it didn’t happen sooner. No matter what, cheating has no place in a mature, honest, well-grounded relationship; men who cheat on their wives have proven themselves, on some level, of being incapable of healthy relationships.


There is no rule that determines exactly why a man cheats, and many men cheat for different reasons. Here are some of the most commonly cited reasons that men cheat.

1. It was an option. Men don’t always set out to cheat. Many men who do cheat don’t even think it’s okay to cheat. But the basic truth is, cheaters would not have cheated if there were not the opportunity to do so. For some men, it simply is too difficult to say no when presented with the option, or they might not even know how to say no. There’s a saying that “a man is only as faithful as his options.” It’s kind of funny, but for many men, there is some truth to this.

2. They are bored. Some psychologists say that men crave sexual variety and that men become bored with having the same partner for a long period of time. They desire new partners or just something different after a year or so, and so they cheat. This may also apply to men who married young or who haven’t had many sexual partners – they are dissatisfied with the perceived limitations of their relationship and want to see what else is out there.

3. It boosts the ego. Men who are feeling insecure about themselves, are feeling hen-pecked, or are generally stressed or feeling like their wives at home are dissatisfied with them will seek an ego boost via the attention of a new woman. It could even be a combination of reveling in the new attention of someone who strokes their ego and says they could do no wrong along with convincing themselves that they are smart enough to get away with it.

4. He thinks (or knows) he can get away with it. Maybe he thinks he won’t be found out. Maybe he’s cheated before and his partner put up with it. Maybe he’s even convinced himself that he has a certain social status that makes cheating permitted or even appropriate. Whatever it is, he seems to think the rules against cheating don’t apply to him.

5. It excites him. Some men who have been in long-term relationships want to see if they’ve “still got it.” The experience of being sexually desired is very exciting, and they may be seeking those feelings in response to what they think is a drab sexual environment at home. Others are just into the feelings of excitement from the “thrill of the hunt” and the rush from the subsequent victory, as though cheating is an exhilarating game they are winning.

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