Seven Reasons Why Women Cheat

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Men tend to carry the bulk of the reputation for cheating, but researching is beginning to show that rates of cheating by women are climbing and may even equal those of men. This has something to do with women having new access to more of the opportunities that men have, but it may also have more to do with an increased perception of cheating.

The joke about the baby resembling the milk man didn’t come out of thin air, after all. The reasons that motivate women to cheat tend to be different from those of men. Women tend to cheat out of a desire to meet an emotional void, often pertaining to missing intimacy or feeling unwanted. Here are a few of the specific reasons why women cheat.

1. It’s a self-esteem boost. Women may not have the same sex-oriented reputation that men have, but the truth is that want to feel wanted or desired. When her husband acts consistently displeased with her, if he is distant and cold all the time, or if the spark simply has gone out of their marriage, some women will turn to other things – or people – to make themselves feel better. Sometimes they end up cheating as a result.

2. There’s a lack of intimacy at home. Many women have the need for intimacy in their closest relationships – not just sex, but affection and appreciation as well. Whether she’s feeling unnoticed or she is tired of her role as chief cook, chauffer, and bill-payer without any positive feedback, an isolated wife may be more vulnerable to the attentions of someone else.

3. Because she can get away with it. Men aren’t the only ones who will cheat just because they think they can. As women gain more equality with men in society and in the working world, they have just as many opportunities to cheat as men do. Whether it’s a business trip for work or a steaming chat room that’s hard to keep covered up, some women find it easy to convince themselves that their cheating will never be discovered. When it seems like there’s an opportunity to meet a significant but unmet need in a way that won’t come with negative consequences, many women see cheating as a way to meet their needs, and they choose not to say no.

4. She’s bored. Let’s face it: there’s something exciting about having a secret love affair. There’s the excitement of flirting and attention from a new partner, enhanced by the thrill of secrecy and risk. The jolt of excitement for doing something “bad” can be a big draw to some women who are bored at home and want something interesting to add interest to their days.

5. It looks like the fountain of youth. Sometimes a woman will cheat to remind herself of the person she used to be. Whether it’s with an ex-boyfriend from an exciting time in her life or a new person who makes her feel all the things she felt years before, cheating can provide some women with an escape from the mundane and a reminder of “the girl she used to be.” Generally speaking, this type of cheating is short-lived, resulting in quick affairs or even one-time deals.

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