Sexual Health

Understanding sexual health is the first step toward sexual well-being. Learn how to increase your libido and sex drive, and practice safe sex.

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This New Condom Is Like a Fitbit for Your Privates, Seriously

The world's first smart condom is on its way—but do you really want to bring data into the bedroom?

7 Reasons Movie Sex Is Ruining Your Sex Life

Why Hollywood's hot, steamy sex is leaving you and your partner cold

These STDs Are at a Record High—Here’s Why You Might Be at Risk

A surge in reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are putting STDs back on our watch list. Here's why...

This Scientific Study Could Rock Your Sexual World in the Best Possible Way

New findings suggest a simple way to take your sex from ho-hum to va-va-voom!

8 Medical Reasons for Your Low Sex Drive

Ladies, listen up: Is your libido MIA? One of these sex drive stealers may be to blame.

5 Burning Questions You Have About ‘Female Viagra’ But Are Too Shy to Ask

Curious? Answers to all the questions you secretly have about Addyi (flibanserin)—the first sex-enhancing drug for women.

11 Dr. Ruth Quotes to Boost Your Sex Life, Confidence, and Bold Thinking

America’s most beloved sex-pert—and Holocaust survivor, former Israeli sniper, author of dozens of books, and prolific Tweeter—Dr. Ruth Westheimer shares...

More Chickpeas, Please! 3 Surprising Foods That Boost Sex Drive

When it comes to "aphrodisiacs," do you immediately think chocolate and oysters? There are plenty of other foods that can...

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6 Reasons Men Say No to Sex

If you're getting turned down in the bedroom, chances are it's not about you. Here are six reasons your partner...

7 Ways to Make Sex Great Again

If your great sex life has cooled down over time, here’s how to rekindle the fire.

Sex After 35

Find out why it's different, why it can be better, and how it can sizzle into your 40's, 50's and...

The Ultimate Sex Guide for Newlyweds

When writer Miriam Arond and her husband, psychiatrist Samuel L. Pauker, M.D., surveyed hundreds of newlywed couples across the nation,

De-Stress and Make Love Again

A little creativity can rekindle those passionate feelings that got you together in the first place.

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Impotence: Factors to Think About

Although psychological factors certainly affect male sexual function, recent studies show that most cases of impotence are due to underlying