Sunburns and Sunscreen

Sunburns are not only painful, they can cause some serious damage. Read up on sunburn relief and sunscreen for your face and body.

9 Clear Signs You’ve Gotten Too Much Sun

There's nothing like spending a beautiful summer day soaking up some vitamin D. But a fun day in the sun can quickly turn dangerous if you're not looking out for these symptoms of overexposure.

The 12 Safest Sunscreens You Can Buy

Confused about which chemicals to avoid in your sunscreen? The Environmental Working Group, a consumer safety watchdog organization, just released...

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9 Best Sunscreens for Every Kind of Activity

Dermatologists reveal the best sunscreens for every kind of activity, including running, hiking, swimming, attending an outdoor wedding, and...

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Need Sunburn Remedies? Here’s What Dermatologists Do

The best way to prevent a sunburn is to stay out of the sun—but if you're already sunburnt, here...

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13 Sunburn Myths That Are Damaging Your Skin

Believing even one of these myths can put you on the fast track to skin cancer, wrinkles, and age spots....

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Here’s Exactly What to Look for in a Sunscreen

Choose the wrong sun protection and you'll get burned. Follow these rules for finding the best sunscreens.

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11 Signs You Just Bought the Wrong Sunscreen

Learn how to spot the sunscreens you should just leave on the store shelf. These telltale signs mean your sunscreen...

43 Summer Health Dangers You’re Probably Ignoring

Don't dismiss these often overlooked summer dangers. Here's how to make sure your summer is as safe as it should...

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10 Sunscreen Myths You Believe That Make Dermatologists Cringe

Think you need to lie out to boost vitamin D levels? That it’s safe to tan as long as you...

The Best Sunscreen for Every Skin Type

Yes, you need to wear sunscreen every day. Find out which one is the best for you.

Why a Day in the Sun Makes You So Tired, According to Science

There's nothing wrong with a little fun in the sun, but if you're wiped out afterward, that's a red flag.

The Best Lip Balms with SPF for Summer

Lips have especially thin and sensitive skin, so they're one area you should pay extra special attention to when it...

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This Is How You Can Use Essential Oils to Treat a Sunburn

A sunburn can range from a pinky glow to a blistering burn. To treat everything in between, check out which...

Warning! Three out of Four Sunscreens Apparently Don’t Work—Here’s Why

Turns out your SPF of choice may be leaving you dangerously exposed. Find out which sunscreens work as advertised—and are...

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7 Critical Spots You Need to Remember to Apply Sunscreen

You always get your arms and legs, but what about these other body parts?

These Hilarious Sunburns Will Make You Laugh and Cringe at the Same Time

Ouch! You'll definitely be loading on the sunscreen after looking through these.

You and Your Child Should Never, Ever Use the Same Sunscreen—Here’s Why

It might be easier to use the same bottle, but you'll be doing more harm than good.

The 3-Second Downloads That Will Save You from a Nasty Sunburn

Tanning isn't the smartest thing you can do for your skin, but burning is far worse. Now there are smartphone...

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The Retinoid Rule Dermatologists Are Urging Everyone to Follow

Dermatologists discuss how to use retinoids, like a retinol cream, and the importance of sunscreen to protect your skin...

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The 6 Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes We’re All Making

Kudos to those who use it, but according to an unusual study, chances are none of us is using sunscreen...

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9 Sunburn Remedies that Actually Work

These sunburn remedies might be a little unorthodox, but consider giving them a try the next time your sunburned skin...

NOT Following This Timeline Will Guarantee Spring Break Sunburn

Slathering on SPF isn’t enough anymore. Doctors are discovering that sun protection begins even before you board the plane. Follow...

What These 8 Labels on Your Sunscreen Really Mean

Confused about what everything on your sunscreen label means? You’re not alone. Use this as a guide when picking up...

8 Strange Reasons You Got Sunburned (Even If You Wore Sunscreen!)

If you got fried in the sun, one of these surprising sunburn risk factors may be to blame.

If You Get Sunburned Easily, You Need These 13 Foods In Your Diet

New research suggests some foods have the power to guard skin from the damage caused by the sun's UV radiation....

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4 Myths and Facts About Sunburn

Are you damaging your skin without knowing it? Find out the truth about the summer sun.

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Tanned Today, Burned Tomorrow

The delayed burning effect is responsible for much of the severe skin damage dermatologists see.