With racing thoughts and noises outside, falling asleep isn’t always easy. Learn about how to get a better night’s sleep.

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The Best Sleep Position for Back Pain and 10 Other Health Problems

This handy guide will help you figure out how to lie down for optimal health.

10 Bedtime Routines That Turned Insomniacs Into Sound Sleepers

Is your nighttime routine in need of a makeover? Clinical psychologist, Michael Breus, PhD, aka The Sleep Doctor, shares before...

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If You Don’t Sleep with Socks On, Here’s Why You Should Start Tonight

Here's a science-backed reason to go sock shopping!

Dreaming Could Lower Your Risk of Dementia, Says Science

If you don't get enough REM sleep—when most of your dreaming happens—you may be at a greater risk of dementia.

Believe It or Not, 1 in 10 Millennial Men Still Sleep with Teddy Bears

They're soft, they're cuddly, and they provide emotional support. Some folks even like they way they smell. And there's a...

This Is Everyone’s Biggest Bedroom Pet Peeve—and It Isn’t Snoring

The more you love someone, the more likely they are to steal the covers.

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Not Getting Enough of THIS Makes College Kids Do Some Stupid Things

Too little shuteye leads to bad decisions, says science.

Sleeping in a Room With This Temperature Could Boost Your Metabolism

Believe it or not, the room temperature while you sleep could affect your metabolism and ability to fall asleep easier.

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I Tried the Lotion Everyone Claims Cures Insomnia—Here’s What Happened

The latest viral sensation for sleep-lovers is a pale purple, sweet-scented skin cream called Sleepy, brought to you by the...

Here’s Why You’re More Tired Than Ever, According to a New Study

Three words: Game Of Thrones. This is the downside to your Netflix addiction.

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There’s a Scientific Reason Why You Always Sleep Under Blankets—Even When It’s Hot

Even if you’re roasting in your airless room, chances are you’ll still get tucked in. Thankfully, science can explain why.

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If You Always Wake Up Right Before Your Alarm Goes Off, There’s a Scientific Explanation Why

You have an internal clock that keeps track of time just like your alarm clock does. Here's why it can...

90 Percent of People Don’t Know They Have This Disorder—Do You?

A medical expert explains how you can get tested—and the dangers of putting it off.

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12 Sleep Disorders You Need to Know About—That Aren’t Sleep Apnea

There are many more ways to have a crummy night in bed than sleep apnea. If your sleep issues...

This Is EXACTLY How Many Centimeters You Add to Your Waist When You Skimp on Sleep

You may know that lack of sleep can pack on the pounds, but this study goes a step further to...

If You’re Having Nightmares, This Common Sleep Mistake May Be the Reason

This could be a real double whammy if you live on Elm Street. 

This Is Literally the Most Boring Movie Ever Made—and It Could Be Just What You Need

How eight hours of counting sheep and staring at green pastures can get you in the mood... to sleep.

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8 Little Changes You Can Make to Sleep Better in Just One Day

If you're tossing and turning all night, it may be time to look at your sleep routine. These tips can...

12 Reasons Married Couples Should Sleep in Separate Beds

You may be cozily dreaming, while he's tossing, turning, and giving you dirty looks. Or, of course, the reverse might...

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Why Sitting All Day Could Make You Snore All Night

We keep coming back to it: Sitting for hours at a time is bad for your health. Here's one more...

Here’s Why You Should Stop Using Your Smartphone in Bed—Seriously

If you think that one last game of Candy Crush is harmless, you might want to think again.

This $129 Item Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby Every Single Night

Could slipping under a 15- to 30-pound blanket help you beat your insomnia?

11 Yoga-Inspired Stretches to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If you're losing sleep over losing sleep, we've got the news to help you snooze. Try these stretches tonight to...

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7 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Melatonin to Help You Sleep

Melatonin is a common, over-the-counter sleep aid—but do you know all the facts about it?

Is Climate Change Wrecking Your Sleep? (Hint: Yes!)

If you think it's too hot to sleep, you may be right, and what's worse, it could be packing on...

Sleep—The Drug-Free Fix That Works Better Than Ibuprofen

This solution to chronic pain won't cost you a penny.

This Is the Worst Night of the Week for Sleep, According to a New Survey

If you're always counting sheep on this one night of the week more than any other, you're not alone.