With racing thoughts and noises outside, falling asleep isn’t always easy. Learn about how to get a better night’s sleep.

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8 of the Worst Eating Habits for Your Sleep

Can't sleep? It could be what you did (or didn’t eat) that day and when. Get a sleep doctor’s and...

Sleep Better Naturally Without Drugs: Sleep Doctors Confess Their Favorite Tips

When you can’t fall asleep, try these sleep doctor-approved tips to nod off naturally.

America’s Sleep Crisis Is Making Us Sick, Fat, and Stupid. But There’s Hope.

Sleep deprivation now rivals obesity and smoking as our greatest public health crisis. Here's what everyone (including America's businesses) needs...

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Sleep Deprived? 8 Tips to Stay Sharp

Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley connect a decline in cognitive function with lack of sleep among seniors. Here’s what...

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These 3 Flowers Ought to Kick Your Insomnia

Blackout curtains still not doing the trick? We uncovered studies that show how certain plants can deepen sleep and stop...

What to Eat to Cure Insomnia

These natural foods that promote relaxation might be just the ways to fall asleep.

The Essential Guide to Deeper Sleep

We asked health experts for their best tips—from rethinking your mattress to picking the right pillow—so you can sleep better...

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7 Tips for a More Restful Night’s Sleep

Whether you frequently struggle to get to sleep or you’d just like to get a better night’s rest, its important

18 Things a Cat Nap Can Fix

If you are feeling run down during the day a power nap may be just the thing to rev you...

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7 Benefits of a Midday Nap

As if you needed another reason to make time for a siesta, recent studies from UC Berkeley, Harvard University, and

7 Sleep Disorders: What’s Keeping You Awake?

If your sleep issues last more than few nights or reoccur every few weeks, you might have a sleep disorder.

Strategies for a Better Night’s Sleep

Surefire methods to get well rested.

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Easy Ways to Catch More ZZZs

If you’ve had one or two bad nights lately, you can probably solve the problem by taking some of the

Sleep Apnea: Types and Treatments

20 million Americans struggle with some form of sleep apnea. Here's expert information about a common problem.

18 Stress Fixes for Better Sleep

Reducing stress can impact your sleep significantly. Here are 20 smart ways to calm down and rest up.

Sleep and Diet: Eating to Sleep Well

Do you dream of a good night's sleep? Try our tips tonight and learn how your diet may affect your...

Best Remedies for Insomnia

Don't suffer through another sleepless night without giving one of these tips a try!

8 Best Sleep Masks for a Better Night’s Rest

Experts say sleep masks can be an effective tool to improve sleep quality, leading to better, more restorative rest. Here's...