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16 Ways To Cheer Someone Up

October 17, 2013 No Comments

No matter how pleasant a person’s life and demeanor are, it’s just not possible to go an entire lifetime without feeling a little glum every now and then. And when your life isn’t quite going the way you hoped it would, you could really use some cheer.

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The 100 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time (In 2019)

February 1, 2013 41 Comments

Motivational lyrics and powerful arrangements give inspirational songs the power to motivate, to inspire, and to uplift. Here are a few of my favorite motivational songs of all time as of 2018, in no particular order. 

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101 Inspirational Quotes about Health, Life & Love

January 19, 2013 4 Comments

As we move into the New Year, many of us are thinking about life, health, and happiness. If you’re looking for inspiration in any or all of these areas, you’re in luck.

Read on for a collection of inspiring quotes about each topic. Some are positive, others are funny, and all of them will give you something to think about.

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Seven Health Benefits of Drinking Water That You Didn’t Know

January 18, 2013 1 Comment

How much water should I drink? For people who are taking their health seriously, this is a common question. Dehydration is the cause of a lot of problems and unpleasant side effects, but most of us don’t get enough water each day.

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The Top Ten Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

January 18, 2013 No Comments

Coconut oil has received a lot of attention lately for its health benefits, and with good reason. The seemingly miraculous substance, extracted from the coconut, is loaded with all kinds of benefits to the mind and body.

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