Ten Effective Kegel Exercises for Men

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Most people think Kegel exercises are only for women. In this case, most people are wrong. Kegels exercises, which strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, aren’t just for women who can, will, or did have children. Men also have a pelvic floor, and thus men can benefit from doing Kegel exercises, or Kegels.

The muscle that Kegels target is called the pubococcygeus muscle, or the PC muscle. This muscle supports the internal organs within the pelvis, and it also plays a role in core stability as well as sexual function and enjoyment. So do yourself a favor and give a few of these ten effective Kegel exercises a try.

Here are ten of the most effective kegel exercises for men:

1. Test Kegels. Before you get started with a Kegel exercise regime, you need to be sure you are engaging the right muscles. Not getting this right would make your hard work ineffective for sure, but it could possibly lead to injury. Here’s how you test your ability to isolate the PC muscle: next time you’re urinating, squeeze the muscle that stops the flow of urine. (It might also be the same muscle you squeeze to keep from passing gas.) Try to stop the urine two or three times, and then remember the sensation of that muscle contraction. That is the PC muscle.

2. Basic Kegels. Basic Kegels involve contracting and releasing the pelvic floor muscle at short intervals, about one second each. See how many of these you can do in a row, and eventually work your way up to doing about 200 a day (broken into sets however you’d like).

3. Sustained Kegels. Squeeze and hold the PC muscle for as long as you can, up to ten seconds, and release. A good goal to aim for is doing a ten-second hold, ten times in a row, every day.

4. Short and Long. Try a short contraction (maybe two seconds) immediately followed by a long contraction (maybe five or even ten seconds). One short squeeze, a pause, and a long squeeze makes one rep. Do three sets of fifteen reps.

5. Long and Short. Switch up the exercise from #4 above and do a long contraction immediately followed by a short one. Keep your focus on making the contractions clean, strong, and isolated just to the PC muscle. No abs, thighs, glutes, or back muscles!

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