Ten Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

Bloating is a nasty problem that most of us face at some point or another. Sometimes it’s easy to notice when you’re bloated, but sometimes abdominal bloat is chronic and people are bloated consistently and for a long time without even realizing it. Many times, abdominal bloat is caused by one issue or another with the digestive system, but not always. You’ll notice that the following natural remedies are great for getting rid of bloating.

1. Eat a banana. Bananas and other produce including cantaloupe, tomatoes, and spinach contain a lot of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that helps the body regulate and maintain its fluid levels. Having more potassium on hand will help to address the occurrence of bloating if the bloating is caused by fluid retention.

2. Eat some asparagus. In addition to being loaded with potassium, the benefits of which we’ve just described, asparagus has something called asparagine. Asparagine is an amino acid that acts as a diuretic in the body, which will further help with flushing excess fluids. (Tip: fresh parsley is also a natural diuretic. Nibble on a sprig or two and see if it helps. Or just add it to a salad or sandwich if that seems to weird.)

3. Curb the carbs (in the evening). Some people think that eating carbs in the evenings will cause you to retain water overnight and be bloated the next day. If you have an 8pm pasta habit or a standing late-night date with a cinnamon bun, try skipping it and see if you notice a difference in the tummy pooch.

4. Press it out. When little babies are gassy – and this happens a lot – one of the things parents can do to help relieve them is apply pressure. Pressing a hand on the bottom of the ribcage and down to the top of the hips can help get the gas out, as can moving a couple of fingers around the belly button in a clockwise circle. If there’s a rumbly in your tumbly and it’s causing you to bloat, you can use the same trick on yourself. Start with your hands pressing just above your right hip, slide them upward to the bottom of your ribcage, slide them across to the left, and press them down to your left hip. You are, in effect, helping the gas bubbles to work their way out of your colon.

5. Quit the can. We’ve all heard many reasons to stop drinking soda, but this may be one you haven’t heard yet. Soda can be a major contributor to bloating. Those little bubbles that make carbonated sodas so fizzy and delightful can also wreak havoc on your insides, loading you up with all kinds of gas and trapped air that has nowhere to go. The result: jeans that are too tight and a stomach that is in the way. If you’ve been dealing with a bloating issue for a while now and you drink a soda fairly frequently, you may want to reconsider the carbonation. The best thing you can do for your body is to drink water, but when it comes to soda, almost anything else would be an improvement. Find an alternative for a few days and see if that pesky muffin top doesn’t disappear.

6. Avoid artificial sweeteners. If you’re guilty of drinking too much soda, as discussed above, and your soda of choice is the diet or sugar-free variety, here’s another motivator for switching to water. Artificial sweeteners, especially one called sorbitol, are difficult for many people to digest. The digestive difficulty can often result in gas, which goes hand-in-hand with bloating. Not all people have the digestive trouble from fake sweeteners, but if you’ve really been dealing with a lot of bloat and you regularly eat, drink, or chew sugar substitutes, this may be worth looking into for you.

7. Shut your mouth. Sometimes bloating can be caused by having too much air trapped in the stomach. This air isn’t necessarily gas produced in digestion – it can be air swallowed through the mouth during things like talking while eating or chewing gum excessively. Drinking through straws can also contribute to trapping air in your stomach, and smoking can even a cause of this kind of bloat, too. Slow down, be more conscious, and really savor your bites to keep the air intake low during mealtime.

8. Get out and exercise. Exercise is good for your health in all kinds of ways, and bloating is just one of the many conditions that exercise will address. Not only will working up a sweat help you to get rid of excess fluids – one main cause of bloating – but the exercise will also get your insides moving again. Constipation can be a major reason for bloating, and exercise is a great way to relieve yourself of that particular ailment. We recommend walking at a steady, brisk pace for at least 20 minutes a day.

9. Think twice about dairy. Lactose intolerance can cause all sorts of gassy issues for some people, so start paying attention to the trends in your bloating and see if there might be a connection between that and eating dairy. If you suspect milk to be part of what’s causing you to bloat, try cutting back on how much dairy you consume for a few days and see if there’s a difference.

10. Try probiotics. If you aren’t already taking a probiotic or eating probiotic-rich, cultured foods every day, you may want to consider starting. Probiotics are substantially helpful in supporting the digestive system, and they can help the stomach overcome all kinds of issues, including bloat.

These are just ten natural ways to get rid of your bloating, and most of them are incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily routine. If you make adjustments and don’t notice a change in your bloating symptoms, or if they’re accompanied by pain, be sure to speak to your doctor to make sure there isn’t something more significant going on. Bloating is a common problem that everyone faces from time to time, though, so make a few simple changes and do a little trial-and-error to see which of these solutions might work for you.


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