The 100 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time (In 2019)

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2. Beautiful, by Christina Aguilara – One of X-tina’s most known and loved songs, Beautiful is a stunning anthem that is uplifting and empowering for anyone who is feeling down in the dumps, whether from criticism, self-doubt, or some other proverbial weight around the neck. Sometimes feeling good about yourself is what you need to get moving, and belting this one out is sure to help build that inner support.

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  1. r u joking miley cyrus get in but there is no sign of demi lovato i mean seriously believe in me ,skyscraper, warrior and others demi is so inspiring and what is miley a twerking slut!!! seriously

    • yh i know i am a huge lovatic and i think that aswell but i don’t agree about miley cyrus she may not be inspiring now but that song is but totally agree about demi

    • Really!? You actually like Demi Lovato! Her music is just awful. I dnt like Miley either but at least her music is kinda catchy.

      • Allie on said:

        Not really. Her music is really worth to be mentioned cause she may be the only one who sends a true message and she’s truly an inspiration. For example, Skyscraper (about overcoming your issues), Believe in me(No matter what you’re going through, you can get through it.), Warrior(About being strong and unbroken), Nightingale(about a person who means a lot to you and they unfortunately passed away), For the love of a daughter(about Demi’s father who left her)…etc. Music today is shit. Not everything has to be about twerking, drugs and getting wasted and being a slut.

        • Second to last scentence about music being shit. yes you are completely right. i like a song with meaning like Avril Lavigne songs! Im a gymnast and my motivational song is ‘Something i want’ by Tangled!

    • Rohini on said:

      Actually… Demi Lovato was in this list more than once… Skyscraper was in this list, and I think Heart Attack is too, not sure on that one. But I know that Skyscraper was in it.

  2. I also like You’ll Be Okay by A Great Big World. Whenever I hear it I smile an if you’ve never heard it I suggest you check it out

  3. Great list! I’ve heard Chariots of Fire so many times before but never knew where it was from! Definitely adding a few of these to my inspiring music playlist :). I actually recently made a similar post about inspiring music (focusing on songs that make you want to change the world), here’s the link if you want to check it out!

  4. On my way by Charlie Brown should definitely be there! It’s such a motivational song, great in exam time or when you’re going through a lot of stress x

  5. Jon from Milwaukee on said:

    What a Wonderful World is a beautiful song, but ever since watching Good Morning Vietnam hearing it makes me sad. The powerful contradiction between the message of the song and the ugliness of what was shown makes for a very powerful message that needs to be heard.

  6. Hendrik Werner on said:

    Your kidding, this this list sucks ass !
    What about Jimmy Cliff – you ca get it if you really want it- one of the most motivating songs ???
    But then you have Miley Cyrus ???!!!


  7. Jeff on said:

    I really think that ‘Otherside’ by macklemore & ryan lewis and I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie are really influential and powerful

  8. Ciara on said:

    No Oasis songs? what about stop crying your heart out? Don’t look back in anger? Other than Miley Circus, quite a good job especially with eye of the tiger, chariots of fire, what a wonderful world and imagine



    • If you went to youtube and heard Elvis’s “My Way”,you’d ask Frank Who?..Elvis’s “Bridge over Troubled Water”,Elvis’s “American Trilogy”,For most inspirational,Elvis’s vocal and style out-did the actual artist’s who performed the song’s first.Then Neil Diamond’s “I am I said” and a country singer named Carrie Underwood,She did a rendition of “How Great Thou Art” at “Girl’s Night Out” TV special,with Vince Gill backing her on guitar.Any list of most inspirational song’s ever,PLEASE,,,,GIFT your ear’s and go listen to these before adding one’s like Miley Cyrus.Miley Cyrus shames America around the globe and she has little in her vocal toolbox.I know opinion’s are like!@#$%^,But before judging,trust me,Go listen to these song’s I mentioned.If you dont agree after,Come chop me up..Happy Thanksgiving

  10. The list is a good one, although most of us have songs that didnt make the list. “I Got the Music In Me” by The Kiki Dee Band has always been one of my favorites. Overall good list though.

  11. Hi! I think you are missing “Superheroes” (The Script) and another great inspirational Song/Video is “The Fighter” (Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder). Otherwise… I think the list is great πŸ™‚

  12. Also “Brave” (Sara Bareilles), “Move Along” (The All-American Rejects), and “I was here” (Lady Antebellum). Also, if you want to get off mainstream music, there’s this cool song called “We wiil March on” by an artist called Cathy Heller. Just some suggestions for other fellow commenters πŸ˜‰

  13. Sheldhan on said:

    Music is the greatest and best tool for learning things quickly, getting principles deep in you, something you cannot accomplish be reading no matter how many times you read something. Listen to self-confidence, esteem and ask you think and compare the results to from listening and reading……thanks

  14. Rohini on said:

    Hall of Fame by The Script should be in this list too. I am a total Scriptette (yes, that is the actual word for it) πŸ™‚

  15. Jim O on said:

    Wow where to begin. I think that any list that veers so strongly to newer songs and has 2 Katy Perry, 2 Eminem etc. and 1 Beatle and 1 Stone is very prejudicial. Here are just a few songs that come to mine that lyrically, emotionally and musically needed to be on this list. Angels Among Us by Alabama, Raindrops keep falling on my head by B.J. Thomas, Help Is on The Way by Little River Band , Dawning Is The Day by Moody Blues, Happy by Pharrell Williams, Back In The High life by Steve Windwood, Put On Happy Face By various ( I like Tony Bennet’s) , You’re Only Human By Billy Joel, All The Way to Reno by R.E.M. ,Walk Unafraid also R.E.M., Rhino Skin by Tom Petty and Heartbreakers, High Hopes by Frank Sinatra ( among others) , Balance by Moody Blues ( how could there have not been ANY Moody blues) , We may never pass this way again by Seals and Crofts, Hold On I’m Coming by The Great Sam and Dave, Long Promised Road by The Beach Boys ( Do not miss hearing this one), Rock Me on The Water by Jackson Browne, and possibly the coolest most uplifting song to work out to Give Me Love, Corner of The Sky by John Rubenstein ( From Pippin) , Give Me life by Roger Hodgson ( of Supertramp fame) .

  16. Jim O on said:

    Previous post somehow Corner of sky is in middle of full title Give Me Love,Give Me Life by Rodger Hodgson . Sorry

  17. One Republic’s “I’ve Lived” is the most inspiring song I’ve ever heard. Not sure how it didn’t make this list! Watch the video

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