Top Seven Inner Thigh Exercises

Leg workouts will take you a long way in your quest for toned, sexy legs. Lunges and squats are great for the leg muscles, but there’s more you can do. The inner thigh muscles are considered a different muscle group from the bigger leg muscles – the quads and hamstrings, so it makes sense to change things up a bit and add targeted inner thigh exercises to your lower body routines. Step closer to your ideal legs with these seven great exercises for inner thighs.

1. Wobble Squats. With each foot on a balance disc and your arms extended in front of you, carefully drop into a deep squatting position, making sure your knees stay directly above your ankles and your spine is straight. Hold for a count of three and come back up. Do three sets of fifteen reps.

2. Lower Leg Lifts. Lie on your side, with your head resting on your arm and your other palm on the ground in front of your navel. Move your lower leg – the one touching the ground – in front of you and bend the knee to a right angle, keeping your top leg straight with the big toe on the ground for balance. Lift the bottom (bent) knee off the ground about six inches and hold for a count of three. Repeat five to eight times, and then roll over and do the other side. Do three complete sets, working each side. Don’t forget to breathe!

3. Extended Leg Lifts. This exercise is similar to the lower leg lifts in #2. Lie on your side with both legs extended and rest your head on your right arm. Keeping your ankles together, legs straight, and hips stacked on top of each other, lift both legs off the floor a few inches. Lower them almost all the way, and lift again. Do ten lifts and switch sides, working three full sets.

4. Inner Thigh Press. Another one to do on the floor! Lie on your back and raise your legs, bringing your knees close to your chest, making a 45-degree angle. If you can’t keep your knees straight, bend them a little. Cross your arms in front of you and rest each hand on the inner thigh of the opposite leg. Try to bring your legs together while using your hands as resistance, pushing each leg away and toward the ground. Do with three sets of eight presses, or more if you’re up for it.

5. Scissor Kick. Lie on your back with your palms on the floor and your knees straight. Lift your legs to make a 45-degree angle with the floor, toes pointed to the wall. Spread your ankles apart and bring them back together, crossing right over left, and then repeat the motion, next time crossing left over right. Do three sets of twelve to fifteen reps.

6. Leg Circles. Lying on your back with both legs straight on the ground, use your arms to stabilize yourself and lift one foot straight up. Keep your toe pointed to the ceiling and both knees straight. Move your leg around in a steady circular motion, as if tracing circles on the ceiling with your toe. Make eight circles with one leg, lower, and do the other side. Do three sets of reps. To make the workout more challenging or to incorporate some of the larger muscles, make your circles bigger or switch to “writing” letters and words on the ceiling.

7. Cross Steps. Stand at the bottom of the stairs, facing the railing. Climb the stairs sideways, carefully crossing your “downstairs” leg to the next step. These can be done on a stair-stepper machine or on a regular staircase. To increase the intensity (and effectiveness), add ankle weights. Keep repeating for as long as you can – this is also a great cardio exercise.

There you have it – seven great exercises to tone your inner thighs. Most of these will also get your heart pumping, making them a great addition to an interval training circuit. Add these inner thigh exercises to your regular workouts, and you’ll be swimsuit-ready long before the season starts. So long, chub rub; hello, gorgeous!

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