Top Ten Games for Bridal Showers

There’s a wedding coming up! Before your blushing bride can walk down the aisle, though, her friends will want to get together and offer her some gifts to celebrate the happy future. If you’ve got a wedding shower to plan and you’re in search of some games, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten games for bridal showers for you to consider. Some are fun, some are embarrassing, some are sweet and sentimental, and all of them are sure to add a special something to your party.

1. The Toilet Paper Dress Game. This is a staple shower game that everybody knows and everybody says they hate, but the game really is a lot of fun. Divide the group into teams of two to four people each, and give each team a roll of toilet paper. The teams compete to design a “wedding dress” using the toilet paper, and the bride picks a winner. This can be a great ice-breaker for a group that includes people from different social circles who don’t know many other people present. For a variation on this game, the teams could use newspaper, scissors, and tape to create different elements of a wedding outfit (skirt, bodice, veil, etc.) and dress the bride in their newspaper creations.

2. The Spice Game. Have a collection of bottles of spices with the labels hidden. Have all the guests try to guess which spice is in each bottle. The guest who guesses the most spices correctly wins a prize, and the bride – who gets to take all the spices home – is then obligated to cook dinner for the winner, ostensibly using those spices.

3. Bridal Bingo. Set up a grid with five rows and five columns. If you want, you can label the columns B, R, I, D, and E, or just leave it blank. Make the center square a free space, as in regular bingo. Have guests fill in the rest of the squares with their ideas for what gifts the bride will open. As she opens her gifts, guests mark off their correct answers. The first one to get a bingo (five in a row, perhaps) wins a prize!

4. What the Bride Wore. Have the bride leave the room. When she is out of sight, introduce the game. Ask a series of questions about what the bride is wearing that day. Sample questions could include “how is her hair styled?,” “what color are her shoes?,” or “what jewelry is she wearing?” The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

5. Household Cleaner Letters. This game takes a little bit of preparation. Compose a letter of advice to the bride. In the letter, use as many product names as you possibly can. (For example, here’s one sentence from a sample letter found here: When you are together you will find JOY, so remember your PLEDGE and give him your ALL.) After you’ve written your letter, have each of the guests bring one of these products as part of their shower gift. Don’t tell the bride what’s going on, and see her reaction when she opens her gifts of All laundry detergent and Pledge furniture cleaner. After all the gifts are open, read the letter to her. It should be quite a kick! Another approach is for the hostess(es) to put together a basket containing the products, and to give her the basket and read the letter.

6. Striptease. Most brides don’t want strippers at their wedding showers. Some brides might get a kick out of this game, though. Make a blank cardboard cutout of a man. Dress up the cardboard figure with regular clothes. Play a game in which the guests must answer questions about the bride and groom. For each wrong answer a guest gives, one more piece of clothing comes off the cardboard man. The creator of this game had placed a strategically placed fig leaf to remain when all of the clothes were gone (and there was a funny note under the fig leaf that said “not on your life!”).

7. Timed Giveaways. When it’s time to open the gifts, set a timer for fairly regular intervals. Whenever the timer goes off, the giver of whichever gift is in the bride’s hands wins a prize. Prizes could be simple, generic things like a bar of fancy soap or a rich chocolate bar.

8. Advice book. This is the kind of thing that brides will treasure. Have each guest write on a (prepared) piece of paper or index card her (or his) best piece of marriage advice for the bride. Near the beginning of the party, go around the room and have each guest say her name and how she knows the bride, and then read her piece of advice. Collect all the cards and put them in a small keepsake album for the bride to take home. (This also makes a great activity for baby showers, by the way!)

9. Famous Wives. Prepare name badges with the names of some famous wives in history – they can be fictional. Some ideas to get you started are Martha Washington, Jane Jetson, and Beyonce. Toward the end of the shower, have everyone take off their name tags. The person who can remember the most “wife names” of the rest of the guests wins a prize.

10. Picture the Groom. Pass out pencils and blank sheets of paper. Tell the guests they must hold the pieces of paper on their heads and draw a picture of the groom in his underwear (or in whatever state of dress or undress is most appropriate for this shower). The bride gets to pick the drawing she likes best, and that guest wins a prize.

Here’s a bonus: if the shower is a lingerie shower instead of a “household goods” shower, have someone (unbeknownst to the bride) write down her reaction to each of her lingerie gifts. At the end, read back the responses, with the note that these are some of the things she’ll be saying on her wedding night. You’ll get a hilarious mix of funny comments, like “ooooh, this nice nice!” or “whoa, I’ve never seen something like this before!”

As you consider your shower games, be sure to take into account the ages, numbers, and familiarity levels in the group. Lots of these games will work for all sizes and with groups of women who don’t know each other well. Most of all, make the games special and have fun with them!

For some other great ideas for bridal shower games – check out Bliss Weddings.


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