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The 10 Best Jump Rope Workout Routines

May 24, 2017 No Comments

These 10 jump rope workout routines will get you in shape by improving cardiovascular performance, burning calories, and strengthening muscles.

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The 10 Healthiest Protein Bars For Weight Loss

May 21, 2017 No Comments

Protein bars are becoming increasingly popular within the fitness community as a hassle-free, low-calorie option for filling your stomach. Grabbing a bar on the go not only makes planning and preparing your meals easier, but savvy dieters spend less time worrying about bars creating a mess during daily commutes.

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Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews (In 2019)

May 17, 2017 No Comments

Adjustable dumbbells let fitness enthusiasts add or remove weight to match their specific levels of physical conditioning. Beginning exercisers will likely get the best results from lightweight dumbbells. Choosing the appropriate weight makes it easier for beginners to develop strength without getting hurt or discouraged. Over time, they can add more weight to compensate for their increased strength.

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Get Fit and Stay Fit With Aqua Aerobics

January 21, 2014 No Comments

Aqua aerobics is basically doing exercises (other than swimming) in the pool. It has a lot of advantages over more traditional exercise routines, and can provide an excellent and enjoyable workout.

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How Much Should I Weigh? – A Guide to BMI

November 23, 2013 No Comments

One of the main tools for determining how much you should weigh, for the average person in an average health and fitness or training situation, is BMI, or body mass index. BMI is easy to calculate using height and weight measurements, and there are also physical tools (such as a caliper) that can take a physical BMI measurement.

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Zumba?

September 27, 2013 No Comments

While the buzz about Zumba being the hippest, hottest trend in group exercise may have receded some in recent years, the truth is that Zumba is still wildly popular as a fun way to get in a workout. One of the biggest draws to Zumba is its music-based roots in various forms of cultural dance, including hip hop, belly dancing, and a few different forms of Latin American dancing (like salsa and meringue).

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Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners

September 27, 2013 No Comments

Fall is here, and maybe the sweet breezes and chirping birds are calling you outdoors to hit the pavement. If that’s the case, you may want to consider training for a half marathon. If you aren’t sure whether distance running is right for you, a half marathon can be a good, manageable goal to set for yourself this year. And who knows? Maybe you’ll awaken your inner runner and ditch the weight room forever!

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Ten Effective Kegel Exercises for Men

January 27, 2013 No Comments

Most people think Kegel exercises are only for women. In this case, most people are wrong. Kegels exercises, which strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, aren’t just for women who can, will, or did have children. Men also have a pelvic floor, and thus men can benefit from doing Kegel exercises, or Kegels.

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Ten Effective Kegel Exercises for Women

January 27, 2013 1 Comment

The pelvic floor, which refers to the muscles and connective tissue in the space between your hips, houses and supports the internal organs related to elimination and reproduction.

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Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises

January 26, 2013 No Comments

Kegel exercises, also called “pelvic floor exercises”, deserve special attention for the tremendous benefits they offer to the urinary and reproductive systems in both men and women.

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