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Top Seven Inner Thigh Exercises

January 22, 2013 No Comments

Leg workouts will take you a long way in your quest for toned, sexy legs. Lunges and squats are great for the leg muscles, but there’s more you can do.

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Seven Pool Exercises to Enhance Your Cardio Workouts

January 19, 2013 No Comments

When the weather is warm, the building is open, or the inner polar bear is roaring for a chilly adventure, a pool workout may be just the ticket for a new or re-energized cardio workout routine.

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Isometric Exercises – Why Are They So Effective?

January 16, 2013 5 Comments

Isometric training has existed for thousands of years, and there are countless ways to incorporate isometric training into your routine – many of which you can do in your home, at the office, or even in your car. Isometric exercises remain popular for a number of good reasons, but why?

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