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10 Really Sweet and Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

October 16, 2017 No Comments

Sometimes the best couples need no words to communicate. That strong bond that allows two people to connect non verbally is incredibly rare and wonderful. That being said, sometimes your girlfriend needs to hear something sweet and cute after a long day.

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20 Really Funny Newlywed Game Questions

October 12, 2017 No Comments

In this day and age with social media and smartphones providing information at the touch of a finger it is easy to think that you know everything there is to know about your partner by the time you marry them.

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How To Get Your Ex Back Fast (In 5 Quick Steps)

October 11, 2017 No Comments

A tumultuous relationship is often the mark of two incredibly passionate people coming together. Breaking up and getting back together does not make a relationship week, it only means that two people need to separate and sort their emotions out before getting back together in order to make their relationship work.

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How To Get Rid Of Hickeys Fast (In 5 Overnight Steps)

October 2, 2017 No Comments

Discovering that you have a hickey on your skin can cause a considerable amount of distress.  Considered unsightly, a hickey or love bite is a painless but often dramatic blemish caused by suction applied to the skin. This suction breaks the capillaries underneath the surface of the skin, causing a superficial bruise. Left untreated, a hickey to take a week or more to heal.

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Quiz

August 9, 2017 No Comments

Girls are very subtle in how they conduct themselves around a guy they like. However, it is possible to discern their true feelings by observing certain practices and behaviors. The ‘how to tell if a girl likes you’ quiz below will guide our effort in doing so.

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Quiz

August 9, 2017 No Comments

When a guy likes you, he will give off certain signs. He can’t help it. Answering the questions below will give you some insight into some of the things guys do when they have a crush.

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20 Really Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

August 7, 2017 No Comments

If you have a nice, easy-going girlfriend, then she properly appreciates humor and irony. These are 20 good questions to ask your girlfriend that will start a bit of banter between you. The answers she gives may surprise you. But no matter what, you will learn more about her.

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20 Really Good Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

August 5, 2017 No Comments

Your relationship with your boyfriend may have reached the point where you both feel comfortable with each other. These questions you can ask—not all at once of course—to enliven things and have some fun.

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20 Really Good Never Have I Ever Questions

August 4, 2017 No Comments

Here are 20 good never have I ever questions that can bring life to just about any party.  Maybe you’re just having some friends over for some drinks and a laugh. Asking these questions is sure to get things going.

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20 Cool and Cute Nicknames For Guys

July 30, 2017 No Comments

Nicknames are sometimes seen as ways of teasing people. But they are really expressions of endearment and affection. Here are 20 cute and cool nicknames for guys. You may want to try them on the some of the men in your life.

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