The 10 Best Tricep Workouts with Dumbbells

The triceps can get much larger than biceps. Use these ten tricep workouts with dumbbells for bigger arms and increased strength.

How to Perform Dumbbell Triceps Kickback Exercise

Howcast makes it extremely easy to learn how to perform a standing dumbbell tricep extension perfectly. The instructor, Brett Azar, does more than just show you how to do this exercise. He explains every single step while giving safety tips that will prevent injury and make sure you get more out of every workout. Azar also explains how some weightlifters develop bad habits. Knowing these things will help you avoid those habits. After just two minutes of instruction, you will know how to perform the perfect standing tricep kickback with dumbbells.

Home Chest and Tricep Workout

Mike from Six Pack Shortcuts explains how to perform two exercises for your triceps and two exercises for your chest. The combination is a great way to max out both muscle groups without getting to tired to switch between exercises. All you need is a pair of dumbbells for these exercises. Mike doesn’t even use a bench. That makes it one of the best workout routines for improving your triceps at home. The instructor uses 50-pound weights, but you don’t need to start with such an ambitious load. Choose weights that are comfortable for you to use and build up to heavier dumbbells.

Back and Triceps Workout With Dumbbells

Lee Hayward explains how to do a great home workout that targets the triceps and back muscles. Since you only need dumbbells, you can do the whole routine at home instead of making time for the gym. Hayward starts his workout with a bent over dumbbell row. He then progresses to a one arm dumbbell row, bent over dumbbell fly, dumbbell deadlift, pull ups, one arm dumbbell tricep extension, and tricep dumbbell kick backs. Each exercise is explained in detail. AT the end of the video, you get a recap so you can follow the workout without watching the video again.

Tri-Hard With a Vengeance Tricep Workout

This ten-minute video from Permanent Muscle explains how to build a 30-minute workout that targets every part of your triceps. The workout involves four exercises that are performed over six sets. The instructor gives you some great form points so you can maximize your workouts without getting hurt. The exercises taught in this video include the unstable tricep dip, tate press, incline dumbbell tricep extension, and elbow drop push press. All you need are dumbbells. This is a great video for weightlifters who have some experience but want to learn more about tricep development.

Home Bicep and Triceps Workout

This 20-minute video from Six Pack Shortcuts explains how you can use two dumbbell exercises to improve your triceps and biceps quickly without getting hurt. The instructor starts by explaining each of the exercises and telling you how to avoid injuries. Then you get to watch him go through an entire workout. This shows you what it takes to go through several sets of these dumbbell exercises. It’s worth watching the first time because he offers some good tips. If you need a refresher, though, you don’t have to watch the whole video. The first five minutes will get you going.

Top Five Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises

In this video, Buff Dudes encourages weightlifters to stop focusing on their biceps so much so they can spend more time working out their triceps. The video explains how to perform five dumbbell exercises: close grip presses, standing French presses, bi-lateral kickbacks, bench dips, and skullcrushers. All of these exercises work the entire arm, but they focus on the triceps. The video offers so much information about performing these exercises that you really can’t make a mistake. Just watch and listen to start adding strength and size to your arms.

Triceps Workout Arm Toning Tips

Not many triceps videos feature female instructors. If you are a woman, you might find it more comfortable to use this video. That doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t use it, though. She is an extremely strong and knowledgeable trainer. By the end of the video, you will know how to perform three tricep exercises that use dumbbells. You’ve seen these exercises in other videos, but the instructor breaks down exercises like kickbacks so well that you should watch this one, too. Using a low weight will tone your triceps. If you want to add bulk, choose a heavier weight.

Killer Tricep Workouts for Mass

This video from Weight Gain Network starts by reminding weightlifters that their triceps are naturally twice as large as their biceps. If you want to get big, strong arms, you have to work on those triceps. Weight Gain Network offers five exercises in this video: overhead dumbbell tricep press, dumbbell tricep kickbacks, EZ-bar skull crushers, close-grip EZ-bar press, and weighted dips. Most of these exercises only require dumbbells. If you want to do the skull crushers and bar presses, though, you will need to get an EZ-bar or find an alternative that lets you perform similar motions with your dumbbells.

Monster Mass Tricep Workout

This video is nearly 19 minutes long, so you will need to set aside a little time to learn about these four exercises. Half of these exercise don’t require anything other than a dumbbell. If you want to use all of the exercises in the video, you will also need a standard weightlifting bar. Of course, if you have good control, you could replace the bars with your dumbbells. It helps to have adjustable dumbbells rather than those that are set to specific weights. This is a comprehensive video that shows you exactly how to perform each tricep exercise.

300 Triceps Workout Routine

This high volume routine is designed to help men and women at all levels of experience improve tricep strength. The entire workout consists of 300 moves that target the triceps. Beginners will want to start with low weight and steadily build strength by adding more weight over time. You don’t need much equipment to follow this video. As long as you have a pair of barbells that match your level of experience, you’re ready to get started. Several of the exercises don’t even require dumbbells, but you’ll get better, faster results by using them.


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