6 Ways Building Muscle Will Improve Your Life

A strong physique will completely change the way you live.

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Building muscle helps you to lose weight. Muscle tissue burns more calories per day than fat tissue does – even when at rest.

Building muscle is healthy for your heart. That’s because they can perform better with less oxygen, meaning the heart doesn’t have to pump too hard when you are active. By extension, strong muscles are good for your blood pressure.

Building muscle protects your joints and your back. More muscle power means you put less strain on your joints and connective tissue when lifting or exerting yourself. And that’s important both for treating and preventing arthritis.

Building muscle improves your looks and gives you a mental boost. You feel more energized and prouder of yourself.

Building muscle requires active living. You can’t get strong muscles from a pill, a meal or a herb. The mere fact that you have strong muscles means you’re being active.

Building muscle helps to fight free radicals. Research shows that when people lift weights regularly, they suffer less damage from free radicals than those who are living a sedentary lifestyle.

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