Digest Diet Success Story: “I Broke My Sugar Addiction!”

Updated: Apr. 06, 2020

In this inspiring weight loss success story, see how Dawn Vezirian used the Digest Diet to kick her sugar addiction and feel healthier and less stressed than ever.

Dawn VezirianPhotographed by Emilie Harjes

Dawn Vezirian, 48, associate director of finance at Reader’s Digest, couldn’t imagine a day without sugar. She’d often take breaks to stock up on candy at the drugstore. She tried to lose weight but kept yo-yoing within the same 20 pounds. So we gave her The Digest Diet, our new plan that emphasizes wholesome, fat releasing foods.

“I’ve Rewired My Brain”

From day one of the 21-day plan, Dawn says she realized she wasn’t craving sweets to soothe stress. “A chemical change happened. I look at cookies, and I just don’t care.” Gone, too, is the feeling she describes as being on a roller coaster, shifting from “I’m so stuffed I can’t move” to “I’m starved, I need to eat now.”

“It’s Just Regular Food”

For Dawn, the diet’s biggest upside was the simple recipes, which encouraged her to try new foods. “I never would have tried quinoa or light coconut milk before.” She loves the healthy smoothies for breakfast, especially Banana Chocolate.

“I’ve Lost 22 Pounds in Six Weeks”

Thrilled to splurge on pants two sizes smaller, Danw is sticking with the plan. “It’s an easier way to eat,” she says. “The Digest Diet makes it simple to make a lifestyle change.”

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