Digest Diet Success Story: “I Eat to Keep Cancer Away”

Now 34 pounds lighter, Nancy Brown wrote to us with her moving story about her battle with cancer and ow she embraced the Digest Diet lifestyle to change her life for good.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Brown

“I had been on an emotional roller coaster for years after dealing with breast cancer, the death of my father, my mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and her death, and the death of a dear friend. I turned to food for comfort, and my weight soared past 190 pounds.

“I knew about the research showing that for every 11 pounds I gained, my chance of dying from breast cancer went up by 14 percent, but I still could not get the weight off. Then my husband handed me a copy of Reader’s Digest describing the new diet. I immediately ordered The Digest Diet book, and my life changed.

“To my amazement, the foods tasted wonderful, and the pounds just fell off. The biggest problem with following the Digest Diet after the initial 21 days is selecting which of the recipes to make—I love everything! Kale, chard, bell peppers, garlic, coconut milk, feta cheese … I had never tried cooking with any of these foods before.

“Now I feel wonderful. My size 16 clothes are in the back of my closet, and I just bought size 10 jeans! My husband surprised me with a trip to Canada in July because he was so proud of me and how I look. I can’t stop talking about this plan to anyone who will listen. But most of all, I am proud of myself for doing what’s right for my body.”

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Nancy’s top tips:

Shop At The Salad Bar
When a recipe calls for a small amount of vegetables, I pick some up at the supermarket salad bar—it’s cheaper than buying a whole package.

Portion With Plastic Bags
Portion control has always been a challenge. Now, if I’m supposed to eat ten almonds, I put ten almonds in a bag—when they’re done, they’re done.

Donate Off-Limits Foods
I once bought all kinds of cereal because I read that if you ate the right ones, you’d lose weight. I donated them all to the local food pantry!

Have the Right Tools
My favorite gadget is my one-serving blender. I also bought several sets of measuring spoons and a food chopper, which I use all the time.

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