Digest Diet Success Story: “I Lost 60 Pounds—and Got My Life Back!”

Adrienne followed our proven plan for fast, healthy weight loss to get real-life results.

Photograph by Glenn Glasser; Hair/Makeup: Nikki WangAdrienne Farr knew her weight—209 pounds—was out of control when the seven-block walk from the subway to her office gave her heart palpitations, achy knees, and throbbing feet: “I felt completely sick.”

Four Days That Changed Everything

When Adrienne, then 36, heard about the Digest Diet, she was especially intrigued by the four-day fast-release phase to kick weight loss into high gear. The verdict: “When I lost seven pounds in four days, I couldn’t believe it!” The filling soups and energizing shakes wiped away cravings. “I was shocked by how little food I needed to feel full,” she says.

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Loving the New Me
Adrienne eagerly followed the rest of the plan, which she says has transformed her attitude toward food. “I was 100 percent an emotional eater,” she says. “Happy, sad, anxious, I’d use it as an excuse to eat. Now when something bothers me, I identify the problem, deal with it, and move on. Food doesn’t consume me the way it used to.”While she once struggled to walk to the subway, she now shuns escalators and bounds up stairs. Heart palpitations and joint pain? Gone. Nights of collapsing onto the couch have been replaced by a blossoming social schedule, including getting back into the dating game, thanks to her newfound confidence. “My body has changed, my energy levels have changed, my entire mind-set has changed,” she says. “I used to hate looking in the mirror, but now I just can’t stop! I’m finally seeing my true reflection—and I love it!”

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest

Perri O. Blumberg
A former food editor at Reader's Digest, Perri Blumberg is a writer and editor based in New York City. After attending Columbia University, where she received a BA in psychology, she went on to study food at a health-supportive culinary school. Her work has appeared in O Magazine, Men's Journal, Country Living, and on Mind, Body, Green, among others.