Lose Weight With Wheat Germ at Every Meal

Updated: May 23, 2016

Wheat Germ is a natural, rich source of fiber, Vitamin E, and calcium. Recently, wheat germ has been touted as

Wheat Germ is a natural, rich source of fiber, Vitamin E, and calcium. Recently, wheat germ has been touted as a popular ingredient for weight-loss; but how can you add it to your diet? Because of its mild taste and texture, wheat germ can be tossed into tons of different recipes at every meal. Of course you won’t magically lose weight on wheat germ, but it’s another step in the right direction toward long-term health. Check out our daily menu of foods, from snacks to meals, that make it easy for you to add in wheat germ for health and weight-loss.

Breakfast: Sprinkle on cereal

Take a teaspoon or two of wheat germ and sprinkle it over your favorite cereal. Doing so will add extra fiber to your breakfast and set your digestive system on the right track for the day.

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Morning snack: Add to your favorite smoothie

For a mid-morning snack, add a couple of teaspoons to your favorite smoothie recipe. The fiber and fresh fruits will give your body the refreshing boost it needs to make it to lunch.

Lunch: Toss in salad

Add crunch and nutrition to your lunchtime salad by tossing in some healthy wheat germ. Fresh vegetables and healthy dressings will help your body absorb this excellent ingredient.

Mid-afternoon snack: Mix with yogurt

For a mid-afternoon snack, mix wheat germ with your favorite yogurt. This powerful snack will give you the protein and fiber boost to blaze through your afternoon slump.

Dinner: Perfect pizza

Tonight, try making whole wheat pizza dough with added wheat germ and you’ll get so much more than flavor. This quick, easy switch will instantly transform your dinner into an unexpectedly healthy meal filled with fiber.  Add roasted veggies for a tasty alternative to heavy pizza.

Evening snack: Popcorn and nut mix

Toss wheat germ into a delicious popcorn and nut mix for a healthy, crunchy snack perfect for an evening with friends or just relaxing.

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