Weight Loss

Millions struggle with weight loss. Learn everything you need to know about weight loss meal plans and weight loss tips.

GMA’s Tory Johnson Shares Weight Loss Secrets from “The Shift”

Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson, author of the weight-loss book The Shift , describes the principles that helped her...

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New High-Tech Ways to Whittle Your Waistline

Losing weight can be a challenge. Here are some types of technology that can help you do it—and you don't...

Weight Loss Advice from 1920: Does It Still Hold Up Today?

Published in the very first issue of Reader's Digest magazine, the article "How to Regulate Your Weight" is full of...

Fast Weight Loss: Secrets From Trainer Chris Powell

Chris Powell, host of the show "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" and author of the book "Choose More, Lose More...

Bob Harper’s Fast, Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets

When the Hollywood elite need to know how to lose weight fast, they beg ‘The Biggest Loser’ coach for help....

19 Strategies to Keep Your Appetite Under Control

Stress eating? Tired and hungry? Appetite out of whack? No matter what the source, you can outwit your hunger with...

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Harley Pasternak’s Famous Red Berry Smoothie Recipe

This recipe blends raspberries, blueberries, orange, and flaxseeds for a filling, fiber-rich shake. See more of Harley Pasternak’s delicious smoothie

Want to Lose Weight Fast? Eat Like a Baby

We’re not going to advise you to revert to pureed bananas, baby food jars, and tiny spoons. But kids may

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Digest Diet Success Story: “I Eat to Keep Cancer Away”

Now 34 pounds lighter, Nancy Brown wrote to us with her moving story about her battle with cancer and ow...

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5 Non-Food Ways to Boost Your Mood

Use these simple techniques to kick cravings and cheer up without reaching for food.

9 Holiday Desserts that Are Diet-Friendly

These recipes use the fat releasers from our book, The Digest Diet, that research shows will really help you lose...

7 Foods that Help You Lose Weight at Christmas

Give your diet a gift with these fat releasing foods to help you lose weight during Christmas time.

Weight-Loss Story: A Day in the Life of a Fat Cell

A talkative bit of blubber exposes the surprising ways we steer the body wrong.

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Digest Diet Success Story: “I Lost 50 Pounds for My Daughter’s Wedding!”

Timothy O’Keefe, 53, a professor at the University of North Dakota, started the Digest Diet to slim down for his...

Sharon Osbourne’s Top 3 Diet Secrets

We spoke with TV star Sharon Osbourne, who recently shed 23 pounds in six weeks, to find out her top...

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Digest Diet Success Story: “My Blood Sugar Dropped 105 Points!”

How's this for inspiring?: Schoolteacher Janet Smallwood dramatically lowered her blood sugar and blood pressure on the revolutionary 21-day weight...

13 Things You Didn’t Know About the Digest Diet

Whether you're a newcomer to the Digest Diet or an experienced pro who's cycled through the plan several times —...

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Weight Loss Success Story: “My Family Lost 111 Pounds on the Digest Diet!”

The Tisher family was stuck in a cycle of fat creep that it couldn’t break. Mom Shannon, 35, gained 40

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Will NYC’s Soda Ban Really Make Us Skinnier?

The New York City Board of Health approved on Thursday Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to ban the sale of sugary

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Digest Diet Success Story: “I Broke My Sugar Addiction!”

In this inspiring weight loss success story, see how Dawn Vezirian used the Digest Diet to kick her sugar addiction...

9 Offensively Enormous Beverages

These ridiculously oversized sweet drinks provide as many as half a day’s calories and are loaded with sugars. See what...

Skinny Rules ‘Biggest Losers’ Never Break

Weight-loss expert and ‘The Biggest Loser’ star Bob Harper’s eating tips and tricks help you get slim and healthy, whether...

Turning Diet Dangers into Weight Loss Wins

According to one study, people eat 37 more calories per meal on the weekends than on weekdays, which can add...

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10 Fast Foods That Are Too Convenient

Here are a few convenient foods that should have been rethought.

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8 Habits That Can Help You Slim Down

Weight loss is not about just eating less or exercising more: Try to adopt these easy habits if weight loss...

Lose Weight Around the Clock

6:45 AM: Get Some Early Exercise “Studies show that most people who wear pedometers clock up more steps before lunch

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5 Metabolism Boosters for Your 40’s

For women, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight once midlife sets in. A slower metabolism is mainly to blame,