Weight Loss

Millions struggle with weight loss. Learn everything you need to know about weight loss meal plans and weight loss tips.

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5 New Ways to Deal With Food Cravings

Do you find yourself craving specific foods to your detriment? Find out when to give in to your desire, how

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8 Connections Between Diet and Sleep

What you eat or drink in the hours and minutes before bed may make the difference between a restful slumber...

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8 Dietary Downfalls and Solutions

Learn how to stop sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.

Global Poll: A Look at Weight Around the World

To understand what's happening and to bring us closer to a possible solution, Reader's Digest commissioned a global diet poll,...

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10 Ways to Right-Size Your Diet

Portion distortion is one of the prime causes of America's obesity epidemic, yet most of us don't realize that we...

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7 Tricks to Drop Pounds

Chew GumVolunteers who chewed gum for 15 minutes each hour between lunch and a snack consumed 60 fewer calories from

4 Ways to Uncover the Motivation to Lose Weight

Swimsuits, skinny jeans, doctors' orders: Which is most on your mind? The promise to commit to a fitness plan is...

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Can You Sleep Yourself Thin?

No, not quite. But an amazing study of 68,000 women conducted at Harvard Medical School reveals that women who sleep

Simple Till Six: An Eating Plan for Busy People

The anti-girth, pro-Earth eating plan for busy, real people.

11 Steps to Effective Weight Loss

Most people with type 2 diabetes struggle with their weight. The best way to lighten your load? Steer clear of...

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10 Ways to Right-Size Your Meals

Portion distortion is one of the prime causes of America’s obesity epidemic, yet most of us don’t realize that we

12 Diet Facts Revealed

Authors of the bestselling You: The Owner's Manual help sort fact from fiction.

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Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

When did eating become such an all-or-nothing proposition? It seems that Americans are either gorging on gargantuan portions of unhealthy,

What Is the Digest Diet?

Editor Liz Vaccariello reveals the breakthrough science behind the Digest Diet and its healthy weight-loss plan.

Holiday Dieting Tips: How to Indulge Without the Bulge

The best way to stay fit during the holidays is to stay fit all year long.

Super Foods for Men and Women

Discover the most nutritious foods for men and women.

Is Stress Making You Fat?

It doesn't have to! Here's how to fight back like our ancestors did.

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11 Smart Ideas for Weight Loss

These simple fitness and diet tips will motivate and inspire you to lose those pounds — and keep them off!

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8 More Habits of Naturally Thin People

Small steps really do add up! You’ll be surprised at how easily you can make these 8 moves part of

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11 Tactics for Lasting Weight Loss

Lasting weight loss is more about small, sustainable adjustments to how you live and eat than it is following a

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6 Ways to Tame Your Appetite

We tend to think appetite is the equivalent of the “empty” gauge on a dashboard: It lets you know you’re

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Practicing Proper Portions

One reason Americans eat so many calories is that we tend to eat monstrous portions. Studies find that hamburgers and

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Are You Aiming for a Healthy Weight Goal?

Unrealistic weight-loss goals are really tough to live up to. Here are five of the leading myths that lure people

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The Weight-Loss Formula: 12 Tricks that Total Success

What’s Your Number? The weight-loss formula is one of the simplest in mathematics: Consume fewer calories than you burn, or

Control Compulsive Eating

Stop overeating with these simple solutions.

How to Make Vacation Healthy

Come home relaxed and refreshed after a more active, yet indulgent trip.

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Dine Out on a Diet Without Guilt

Be the director of your dining experience right from the start, and you really can have it your way, all