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7 Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats

Halloween is full of tricks, but nothing is scarier than an allergic reaction. Serve up these candies that don’t have any of the common allergies—milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and gluten—to guarantee a sweet night for all.



Even when jack-o’-lanterns are the only thing breaking the darkness, trick-or-treaters can safely taste the rainbow. Goblins and witches alike will love sharing the fruity sweets. (Related: Here are mind-blowing facts you never knew about Halloween candy.)

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Treat your kid’s friends to boo-tastic Starbursts, and rest easy that every little ghost will be able to share the fun. Find out what 100 calories of Starbursts and other candies look like.

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Hot Tamales

Get a rush of heat on a chilly autumn evening by handing out Hot Tamales on Halloween night.


Dum Dums

Don’t be a sucker—keep Dum Dums on hand so all your Halloween visitors can join in on the fun. The lollipops do use a processing aid with soy oil, but the FDA doesn’t recognize it as an allergen because it won’t cause a reaction in kids with soy allergies. Turn the wrappers into a candy garland, or try one of these easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Mike and Ikes

For a fun and fruity flavor, almost all little tikes can enjoy Mike and Ikes—and you can enjoy not worrying about an allergic reaction.



Stocking up on these candies is a smart move. All your little monsters will have a blast making their way through the rolls sweets. Too much candy? Here’s how to reverse a sugar binge.


Non-candy trinkets

When in doubt, you can always stick with a non-food treat to share. Get a bag of party favors like plastic jewelry, key chains, and vampire fangs so you can hand them out worry-free. Find more ideas for non-candy Halloween treats here.

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