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15 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Brain

Boost your brain health in the new year with these 15 physical and mental changes for your brain.

16 Memory-Boosting Tips from Brain Scientists

Improve your memory so that you can recall your shopping list and even remember those numbers in your cell phone.

38 Genius Habits Your 80-Year-Old Brain Will Thank You for Doing Today

Prevent those senior moments from plaguing your senior years. Here's what you can do to keep your mental skills sharp...

23 Brain-Boosting Foods That May Keep You Sharp

Keep your brain healthy and sharp with these nutrient-dense, brain-boosting foods, from berries to bone broth

15 Memory Exercises Proven to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Simple ways to ward off dementia, prevent cognitive decline, and improve your brainpower—in just one day.

The #1 Best Way To Manifest Something, According to a Neuroscience Expert & Brain Doctor

Stanford neurosurgeon James Doty, MD confirms manifestation is real—and it's even more in your hands than you've probably heard before.

How High Is Your Alzheimer’s Risk? Doctors Say This 3-Minute Test May Reveal Your Chances of D...

The new McCance Brain Care Score from a Harvard-associated health system can provide reassurance, or maybe a few tweaks, to...

New Study: A Daily Multivitamin Could Slow Brain Aging by Almost 60%

If you've heard multivitamins are pointless, Harvard-affiliated researchers suggest you think again thanks to fresh findings from longitudinal research.

Hollywood’s ‘Brain Coach’ Just Shared the Simple #1 Mind Technique He Teaches Athl...

Bestselling author Jim Kwik says eating the right foods and following the right practices can help you reach your "limitless"...

In a New Study, ADHD Tripled the Risk for Developing Dementia

The study involved 100,000 participants, and also shows that adult-onset ADHD may be more common than you might...

Research: Using This Font Can Preserve Your Memory

Seeking to enhance your memory recall? Recent research indicates the ideal font for you to use.

Short-Term Memory Loss: A Neurology Doctor Reveals What Causes It, and When to Seek Help

Learn about the causes of short-term memory loss and find out when it's a good idea for you or...

This Is the Best Time of Day to Nap for a Better Memory, Says a Neuroscientist

Experts say an afternoon siesta can may give you a brain boost to help you better retain and process...

‘Am I Smart?’ 8 Scientific Cues That Signal Intelligence, from Neuroscientists

Two neuroscience experts shed light on the habits and behaviors that can indicate above-average intelligence.

The 5 Best Supplements To Fight Dementia and Preserve Your Brain, From a Doctor of Regenerative Medi...

It's possible you've never heard of these brain supplements, but a doctor specializing in longevity says they're smart to have...

If You Can’t Stand Certain Sounds, This Might Be Why

New research suggests that more people have this condition than previously thought.

Take This Attention Span Quiz To Measure How Well You Actually Stay Focused

A leading researcher in distraction and multitasking shares an exclusive quiz to put your attention span to the test.

What Is Frontotemporal Dementia? Bruce Willis’ Condition, Explained.

This rare type of dementia comes in many different subtypes, resulting in specific and individualized symptoms.

If Your Attention Span Is Burnt Out, a Leading Scientist’s Simple Fix Will Come as Relief

Our attentions spans are collectively in trouble. A leading brain scientist offers gentle practices to improve focus...

Over 40? Here Are 9 Clever Memory Exercises to Start Doing Today

Yes, some of these are fun! Here are tips to "exercise" this super organ—your brilliant brain.

Neurology Professors Just Listed the 9 Worst Habits for the Human Brain

Brain scientists say caring for your brain is a lot like taking care of your heart.

Alton Brown’s #1 Best Recipe for a Sharper Brain

Chef and TV personality Alton Brown shares his genius secrets for healthy aging—including the only way he gets motivated...

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Here’s How Much Exercise You Need to Keep Your Brain Sharp, a Recent Study Says

New research suggests that varied types of exercise—from aerobic workouts to simple stretching—can all positively benefit an aging brain.

My Young Husband’s ‘Mental Illness’ Turned Out to Be Dementia

A neurologist lists symptoms of frontotemporal dementia—a type of dementia that's affecting some Americans as young as their thirties,...

Doctors Explain Aphasia: The Brain Condition Leading Bruce Willis to Retire from Acting

A renowned neurology physician and researcher provides insight on aphasia, including its causes and symptoms; while speech experts explain how Willis's...

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10 Activities to Help You Connect With Your Loved One With Dementia

When a loved one's memory fades, the time you spend together today can be powerful for both your hearts and...

What Is Brain Fog? 9 Causes and Solutions

If your brain feels chronically fuzzy and you just can't do mental tasks like you used to, you may be...

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6 Most Surprising Healthy Brain Foods

From cheese to red wine, oily fish to green tea, these healthy brain foods may help boost your cognitive...

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The 8 Worst Foods for Your Brain

Berries and broccoli are brain-boosting superstars. But plenty of foods are bad for your brain, robbing memory and sapping your...

Do Brain Games Actually Work?

Brain games might have some benefits, but a crossword a day won't necessarily keep the brain doctor away, according to...

15 Things to Start Doing at 50 That’ll Save Your Brain at 80

It's never too early—or too late—to safeguard your mind against age-related decline. Here's what you can start doing today.