Watching a loved one age can be hard. Learn about in-home caregivers for seniors and more.

My Spouse Has Bipolar Disorder—I Was His Caregiver in Quarantine

A woman shares what it's like to be a caregiver for a spouse with depressionbipolar disorder, and suicidal thoughts during coronavirus quarantine.

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What’s the Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care?

Understanding your care options during a severe or terminal illness can dramatically boost quality of life. Here, experts weigh in...

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14 Gift Ideas for Terminally Ill Loved Ones

When time is limited, the most treasured gift is your presence. But, these gifts could also help your loved one...

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8 Signs It’s Time for Hospice Care

Choosing hospice can be difficult and scary—but waiting too long means missing out on important comfort measures. Here are expert...

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16 Caregiver Quotes for Inspiration and Encouragement

These insightful caregiver quotes can provide a small dose of inspiration and encouragement for people at every stage of the...

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11 Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

You need to make time for yourself in order to avoid the stress that could lead to caregiver burnout....

12 Simple Ways to Be More Inclusive of People with Disabilities

The world isn't always a friendly or accessible place for those with physical or intellectual differences. Here are several easy...

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Their Health

It may not be a simple conversation to have, but these steps make it easier.

This Is the Worst-Rated City for Nursing Homes

More than half the nursing home ratings in this city were just one or two stars.

This Is What “Dying of Old Age” Really Means

Dying of old age isn't a technically correct term—but it could still play an important role in the grieving process.

60 Things Every Caregiver Needs to Know

These research-backed tips and strategies from other caregivers who have been in the trenches will help you give the best...

7 Tips to Help Transition Your Aging Parents into At-Home Care

Health care services at home can be simplified with this guide to making a smooth transition.

7 Signs Your Aging Loved Ones Need More Care ASAP—and What to Do About It

If you notice any of these troubling red flags, you'll want to act fast. Here's what the experts recommend for...

8 Questions You Must Ask to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe and Healthy

Touchy subjects like money and mental health aren't easy to bring up to your aging parents. But they are essential...

10 Urgent Signs It’s Time for Your Loved One to Stop Driving

Whether it’s a parent, friend, or even yourself, everyone wants to continue driving as long as they can do so...

Help! What Type of Care Does My Aging Parent Need?

Weighing your options for the care of aging parents is an important piece of their "quality of life" puzzle. Here...

This Gentle Exercise Is Proven to Help Prevent Falls in Seniors

This ancient Chinese practice can help seniors not only boost their fitness, it can improve their balance and coordination and...

7 Ways You Can Use Technology to Care for Aging Parents (Even When They Hate Smartphones)

When you start exploring all of the different ways that technology can aid you in your caregiving, you’ll find that...

8 Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better

This ain't your grandma's nursing home!

This Is What a Near-Death Experience Really Feels Like, According to Science

A new study reveals what kind of things you're likely to see and feel when you have a brush with...

Research Shows Calling Your Parents Can Help Them Live Longer

Clear your calendar for a dinner date with Mom—it may just extend her life!

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9 Warning Signs Your Elderly Parent Shouldn’t Be Living Alone Anymore

Moving aging parents to a living arrangement that offers care and support is difficult, but sometimes it's the only...

Bed Sores: 8 Things Caregivers Should Absolutely Know

Caregivers have a lot to worry about, but one thing that should stay on top of their list is bedsores....

These Ingenious Saddles Are Changing the Lives of Disabled People, and It’s Amazing

A custom saddle maker gives the joy of riding back to disabled equestrians.

“We Have Your Biopsy Results”: What One Doctor Learned from Suddenly Becoming a Cancer Patient

Part of his job is breaking the news about an incurable diagnosis. He never thought he would be on the...

How This Quadriplegic Man Learned How to Move His Limbs … With His Mind

Ian Burkhart was the first quadriplegic to regain control of his body using his thoughts.

This Mom Makes Superhero Capes for Sick Children

Robyn Rosenberger gives joy and hope to kids battling illness by creating colorful and empowering superhero capes.

Senior Care: A Crash Course on What’s Important

Dad goes to the ER with a broken hip, you become a caregiver. Here's a go-to guide of the essentials...

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How to Cope with Difficult, Aging Parents

Figuring out how to balance guilt and obligation in caring for aging parents.