Exercise is essential in maintaining optimal health. Learn more about workout plans, the benefits of exercise and staying in shape.

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9 Best Exercise Bikes to Stay Active Year-Round

You can stay fit year-round with indoor cycling. Here are the best exercise bikes, including spin and recumbent bikes, to use at home.

10 Best Small Treadmills for Your Home or Apartment

Get your steps in while staying safe at home with the best compact and foldable treadmill options that are geared...

10 Best Spin Shoes for Indoor Cycling, According to Experts

Stay stylish, avoid injuries, and get more out of cycling with expert-approved spin shoes.

The 9 Best Home Rowing Machines at Every Price Point

Here's how to choose the best rowing machine for your fitness goals and budget.

Shin Splints: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them

Do your shins ache? It may be shin splints. Here are the symptoms, treatments, and ways to prevent this painful...

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8 Top Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

A good-quality yoga mat can take your practice to the next level. Here's a guide to choosing eco-friendly options...

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9 Benefits of Stretching That Will Convince You to Do It Daily

Why is stretching important? The benefits of stretching include everything from improved flexibility and strength to stress relief.

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10 Yoga Unitards That You Can Wear Anywhere

Yoga unitards are having a moment. Here's why they might be worth adding to your wardrobe, plus what to look...

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4 Runner’s Knee Exercises That May Help Pain Around the Knee Cap

Runner's knee causes pain around and under the knee cap and it isn't always due to running. Whatever reason...

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Do You Have Runner’s Knee? Learn the Symptoms—and Solutions

Runner's knee is pain around the knee—whether you run or not. Learn the symptoms, treatments, and how to...

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Abduction vs. Adduction: You’ll Get a Better Workout If You Know the Difference

Knowing the difference between abduction vs. adduction exercises can help you work out smarter and better protect your joints from...

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6 Pilates Moves for a Stronger Core

Work your way to a stronger core with these top Pilates moves curated by a Pilates trainer. The...

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6 Ways Pilates May Help You Lose Weight

Pilates includes low-impact exercises and small movements that focus on the core. Here's how the practice can help you...

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8 Ways Pilates Benefits Your Body

Whether you're looking for a stronger core, better balance, or a calmer mind, Pilates can answer your needs.

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4 Hamstring Exercises You Can Do at Home

You don't need a gym membership to work your hamstrings. You can easily do these hamstring exercises at home.

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4 Calf Stretches Everyone Needs

If you're feeling tightness in your lower body or pain in your feet or knees, it may be time to...

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8 At-Home Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

You can't spot treat belly fat, but the right workout can help you trim your middle. This HIIT workout...

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Improve Your Posture with These Rounded Shoulder Exercises

Sitting at a computer all day can round your shoulders and slump your back. Fix your posture and straighten...

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Static vs. Dynamic Stretching: What’s the Difference?

Learn when and how to include static and dynamic stretches to warm up, improve performance, enhance flexibility, and

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6 Leg Exercises You Can Do at Home

These leg exercises can boost your muscle strength, stamina, and allow you to breeze through difficult chores and long...

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5 Easy Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

It's never too late to start exercising—and the payoffs are big. Here are some simple exercises older adults...

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8 Best Leg Stretches to Do Before and After Working Out

Leg stretches can help you maintain lower body mobility and prevent injury and pain. Here's how to do them before...

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The Types of Stretching Fitness Experts Recommend—and One They Avoid

Stretching improves your mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Learn the main types of stretching, plus how and when...

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Is it Safe to Use Ballistic Stretching Before Exercise?

If you're bouncing in your stretches, it's time to stop. Here's the definition of ballistic stretching, some examples, and...

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Here’s How and Why You Need to Engage Your Core

Core engagement is more than just ab workouts. Learn how to engage your core through contraction and controlling your...

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4 Simple Back Exercises You Can Do at Home

Improve your muscle balance, strengthen your core, and avoid poor posture with these expert-approved back exercises that can...

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5 Chest Exercises You Can Do at Home

Strengthen your chest (and improve your posture) with these at-home exercises that target your chest, shoulders, and even your...

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5 Shoulder Exercises You Can Do at Home

Strengthen the deltoids and surrounding muscles by doing these shoulder exercises at home. They can help prevent injury to...

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9 Best Pilates Chairs for Home Workouts

Reap the benefits of Pilates at home with these expert-approved Pilates chairs. You'll save space while sculpting a stronger...