Vitamins and Supplements

Do you still take your vitamins? Learn about nutritional supplements and natural supplements to enhance your health.

Spending This Much Time Outside Each Day Could Make You Live Longer

A breath of fresh air can do the body and the spirit good. Recent research says much of it comes down to how much sunlight you need every day.

What Are Fitness Gummies and Do They Work?

The wide range of dietary supplements for athletes can be overwhelming.

Can You Get Vitamin D Through a Window? Doctors Explain

There are health benefits to soaking in vitamin D through sunlight...but do you even have to step outside?

3 Best Supplements for Bone Health

A supplements expert shares which vitamins and minerals you need to strengthen bones and joints and regain bone density....

Do Immunity Shots Actually Work?

While it's almost never a bad idea to introduce more vitamins to your diet, immunity shots aren't a miracle cure.

4 Best Supplements to Lower Your Blood Pressure

More than half of all Americans have high blood pressure. One heart doctor says managing the condition...

Are Expensive Supplements Better? 6 Most Affordable—and Effective—Probiotics, Supplements & Vit...

Doctors and dietitians reveal the products they purchase for the biggest nutritional bang for their buck—plus their tips to...

Taking Vitamin D Won’t Help This Common Condition, New Study Finds

Doctors recommend vitamin D supplements for reducing the risk of bone fractures, yet new research may prove otherwise.

Taking These 3 Supplements Has No Effect on Preventing Disease, Says New Study

New research suggests there's a better way to get your vitamins and minerals than spending money on certain supplements.

Here’s Why Too Much Vitamin D Can Cause Major Health Problems

A man's recent overdose on vitamin D landed him in the hospital for three months. Here's how much vitamin...

Dietitians Just Shared 6 Tips to Help Your Gut Absorb Vitamin D

It's great that you're taking it—but are you absorbing it? Here's why vitamin D can get blocked, and how you...

Doctors Just Revealed 5 Fascinating Vitamin D Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

As much as there is for you to love about vitamin D, there's also still plenty for you to learn...and...

Dietitians Explain Just How Long It Takes Vitamin D to Work in Your Body

Research suggests low levels of vitamin D increase your risk of important health issues, possibly including premature death. Here...

The 4 Best Vitamin D Supplements Depending on Your Specific Needs, from Registered Dietitians

Vitamin D is currently all the rage, and for good reasons. Since not all vitamin D supplements are quite...

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Is Royal Jelly Good for You? 6 Things to Know

Potential royal jelly benefits make this bee product buzzworthy. But is it worth the expense?

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6 Potential Benefits of Berberine You Should Know About

Berberine is a natural supplement said to have health benefits, from lowering blood sugar to helping weight loss....

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Should You Try Chlorophyll? 4 Potential Benefits

Chlorophyll supplements, powders, and chlorophyll water are having a moment—but are they actually healthy?

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Chlorella vs. Spirulina: Which One Is Right for You?

Chlorella and spirulina are algae with miraculous-sounding health claims. But these supplements have some fundamental differences—here's what nutrition experts...

What is MCT Oil? Nutrition Facts You Should Know

If you've heard of Bulletproof coffee, you've probably also heard of MCT oil. Here are MCT oil benefits and...

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8 Silent Signs of an Iodine Deficiency

Do you take in enough iodine? What happens if you don't? Find out the warning signs of iodine deficiency.

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Why You Need to Talk to Your Doctor Before You Start Taking Supplements

Thinking of starting a new supplement routine? Talk with your doctor or pharmacist first before popping a pill.

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8 Times You Need to Be Taking Folic Acid

Folic acid gets a lot of love during and right before pregnancy, but this B-vitamin has other important benefits throughout...

Folic Acid vs. Folate: What’s the Difference?

Everything you need to know about folate and folic acid—including their similarities and differences.

8 Supplements and Vitamins for Memory—What Works and What Doesn’t

Should you be taking vitamin B12 to keep your mind sharp? What about ginseng? Learn the truth behind memory supplements...

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5 Vitamin Myths You Have to Stop Believing—and 1 Vitamin You Actually Do Need

Taking vitamins you don't need isn't just a waste of money—it could put your health at risk, too.

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8 Vitamin Secrets Doctors Tell Their Friends

When physicians have heart-to-heart chats with their pals, their vitamin advice often differs from the medical standard.

6 Brain Supplements Doctors Take Every Day

Real-life doctors reveal the products that boost their mental clarity and increase productivity.

8 Best Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss

A healthy diet and exercise plan are essential for weight loss. Here's a list of vitamins that may support your...

8 Secrets Vitamin Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Roughly half of Americans take some sort of vitamin or supplement every day to improve their health and well being,...

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8 Nutrients You Shouldn’t Take in Pill Form

Did you know that your old standby of pills may not always be the wisest choice for supplements? Here's when...

The Best Time of Day to Take 11 Common Supplements

The time of day you take specific supplements and whether you take them with food or on an empty stomach...