Vitamins and Supplements

Do you still take your vitamins? Learn about nutritional supplements and natural supplements to enhance your health.

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5 Vitamin Myths You Have to Stop Believing—and 1 Vitamin You Actually Do Need

Taking vitamins you don't need isn't just a waste of money—it could put your health at risk, too.

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8 Vitamin Secrets Doctors Tell Their Friends

When physicians have heart-to-heart chats with their pals, their vitamin advice often differs from the medical standard.

6 Brain Supplements Doctors Take Every Day

Real-life doctors reveal the products that boost their mental clarity and increase productivity.

8 Best Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss

A healthy diet and exercise plan are essential for weight loss. Here's a list of vitamins that may support your...

8 Secrets Vitamin Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Roughly half of Americans take some sort of vitamin or supplement every day to improve their health and well being,...

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8 Nutrients You Shouldn’t Take in Pill Form

Did you know that your old standby of pills may not always be the wisest choice for supplements? Here's when...

The Best Time of Day to Take 11 Common Supplements

The time of day you take specific supplements and whether you take them with food or on an empty stomach...

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10 Vitamins (and Supplements) that Should Always Be Taken with Food

Health experts weigh in on the vitamins (and supplements) you should always take with food to maximize your body’s...

What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Too Many Gummy Vitamins

When you aren't getting enough nutrients, gummy vitamins may seem like a simple solution. But don't mistake them for gummy...

15 Anti-Aging Supplements Worth Buying

The anti-aging supplements that may be worth buying according to health experts, from glucosamine to zinc.

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13 Vitamins and Supplements Nutritionists Take to Boost Their Immune System

We asked registered dietitians what vitamins, herbs, or other supplements they take for immune system support.

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15 Vitamins (and Supplements) Nutritionists Don’t Take—So You Shouldn’t Either

Whether the pills interact with medications or the health claims don't hold up, these vitamins and other supplements are...

12 Vitamin Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making

Vitamins and supplements, which some 50 percent of Americans take regularly, might optimize your health—if you're smart about how you...

16 Vitamins (and Supplements) Doctors Actually Take Every Day

Medical professionals share the vitamins and supplements they take, from vitamin D to omega-3, to optimize their overall health.

7 Vitamins (and Supplements) Doctors Always Take on Vacation

Keep your immune system strong and your stress levels calm—even when you're getting away from it all. Take a lesson...

8 Vitamins That Can Be a Total Waste of Money—and Could Even Be Dangerous

When it comes to supplements, more is not always better.

22 Warning Signs Your Vitamins Aren’t Going to Work

Avoid buying into the false claims of vitamins and dietary supplements. Here are some warning signs that they aren't going...

11 Vitamin Brands Medical Professionals Trust the Most

We asked medical professionals, including doctors, registered dietitians, and pharmacists, to share which vitamins and supplements they trust and buy...

9 Best Vitamins for Sleep

Sometimes vitamin deficiencies can be a root cause of sleep disruption. That means that one or more of these nutrients...

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9 Reasons Vitamins Could Make You Feel Worse

Vitamins and minerals promise many health benefits, but if you take too much, mix and match, or don't choose your...

The Vitamins You Need at Every Age

We see all these ads touting supplements for health and well being—but which ones do you really need? The...

At Last! A Vitamin That Can Make Your Blood Vessels Younger

Could an aid in fighting heart disease be waiting on the shelves on your local grocery store?

Adaptogens: The Powerful Energy Boosters You Haven’t Heard Of

Everything you need to know about these natural stress busters, plus 12 to try.

6 Supplements Heart Doctors Take Every Day

Your diet delivers a lot of nutrients, but sometimes you need a bit more. Top heart doctors share the vitamins,...

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12 Vitamins Pediatricians Give Their Own Kids

There are aisles and aisles of vitamin supplements—but which ones do your kids really need? Here's what pediatricians recommend.

Sorry, but Nearly Half of All Multivitamins Don’t Do What They Say

Nearly half (yes, half!) of all multivitamins don't do what they claim, and some are worse offenders than others, but...

The Best Vitamins for Acne for Clearer, Healthier Skin

These are the vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin and may help stop those bothersome breakouts.