It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. Learn about nutrition for healthy eating.

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Is Stevia Bad for You? What Experts Say About This Sugar Substitute

Stevia's popularity is soaring even as other non-sugar sweeteners fall from grace, but where did this sugar substitute come from, does it have side effects, and is it safe?

How to Prevent Overeating When You’re Working from Home

A registered dietitian shares her tips to navigate working from home without overeating.

8 Things To Know About Using Dandelion Root

When it comes to detoxes, here's what you need to know about using dandelion root.

Can You Drink Diet Soda While Intermittent Fasting?

Most have 0 to 10 calories per serving, but drinking diet soda while fasting is tricky. Here's what registered dietitians...

10 Things that Happen to Your Body If You Stop Eating Red Meat

Whether you’re looking to save animals or protect the environment or tweak your diet, here’s how you can expect your...

Can You Drink Coffee While Fasting?

Many Americans drink some form of java daily, but can you drink coffee while fasting? Here's what dietitians say.

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A Matcha Latte At-Home Recipe This Nutritionist Loves

Ready to turn your matcha tea into a latte? Check out this easy recipe to make a matcha latte...

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Is Pineapple a Citrus Fruit?

Pineapple is tangy and sweet, with plenty of vitamin C. But that doesn't make it a citrus fruit. Here's...

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This Is What a CSA Box Is—and 7 Ways It Can Improve Your Health

Got questions about community-supported agriculture? CSAs are a great way to get locally-grown produce, support local farms, and make your...

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6 Reasons People Get Excited About Ezekiel Bread Nutrition

Registered dietitians say trading your typical slice for Ezekiel bread might be a healthier way to go. Here's what...

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Tempeh vs. Tofu: Which Is Better for Your Health?

Tempeh and tofu are two healthy, high-protein plant-based foods, but they differ in appearance, flavor, texture, and...

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8 Matcha Benefits That Will Make You a Tea Drinker

Matcha is a form of green tea packed with good nutrition. Find out about its health benefits—and why...

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How to Make Matcha Tea at Home, According to This RD

Asako Miyashita, a New York-based registered dietitian originally from Japan, shares her tips on how to make matcha tea...

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Here Are the Benefits of Farm-Raised vs Wild-Caught Salmon

Seafood is a wonderful addition to your menu, but there are misconceptions about the healthfulness of farm-raised vs wild-caught...

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Here’s Why Nutritionists Love Tempeh (Plus How to Eat It)

Tempeh is a high-protein meat alternative made from fermented soy and packed with nutrients and prebiotics. Learn...

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Is Matcha Better for You Than Coffee? What Nutritionists Want You to Know

Coffee and matcha both offer quick energy with caffeine and antioxidants, but each boosts the body and brain...

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8 Vegan Fast-Food Breakfast Options When You’re in a Hurry

Try these nutritionist-recommended vegan fast-food breakfast options for a nutritious and balanced start to your day.

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Here are 5 Potential Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion's mane mushrooms are a type a fungus with an umami flavor and a meat-like texture that deliver nutrients...

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Is Barley Good for You? What Nutritionists Need You to Know

Barley is a whole grain loaded with nutrients. Check out the health benefits, how to cook it, and ways...

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Chlorella vs. Spirulina: Which One Is Right for You?

Chlorella and spirulina are algae with miraculous-sounding health claims. But these supplements have some fundamental differences—here's what nutrition experts...

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7 Great Vegan Sources of Iron—and How to Eat Them

Iron can be challenging to obtain for vegans. Here are some of the best plant sources of iron, from...

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Do You Know the Real Differences Between Matcha and Green Tea?

Matcha comes from the same plant as other green teas, but there are a few key distinctions in...

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9 Things Nutritionists Want You to Know About Mycoprotein Meat Substitutes

Mycoprotein is a fungus-based meat alternative that packs protein and fiber minus excess fat or cholesterol. But it's not for...

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8 Vegan Fast Food Options Worth Trying

Eating fast food as a vegan can be challenging, but not impossible. It just takes a little research.

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Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

The adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" can promote good eating habits. Here's what happens if you...

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Is Spelt Good for You? What to Know About This Ancient Whole Grain

Spelt is an ancient grain that is similar in nutrition to wheat with plenty of carbs, protein, and...

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Sea Moss Benefits and How to Use It

Whether dried or raw, this red algae is packed with iron, iodine, and magnesium. Learn about sea moss...

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12 Best Tips for Eating Plant-Based on a Budget

Help your health and your wallet by eating a plant-based diet on a budget. From freezing produce to buying...

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The Ancient Grain You Need in Your Diet: Fonio

Fonio is a small seed that's classified as an ancient whole grain and packed with nutrients. Check out the...

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6 Edamame Recipes Nutritionists Love

Edamame are young soybeans that are a tasty and nutritious source of plant-based protein. Here's how to have...