Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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When You Need to Unwind: 10 Healthy Alternatives to Booze

Booze is not the only way to relieve that pandemic stress. We give you no-alcohol alternatives—and some can even give you a buzz!

21 Depression Memes that May Make You Feel a Little Better

Humor can help you deal with day-to-day darkness. And one way to laugh is with depression memes.

Let It Out: 14 Ways a Good Cry Affects Your Body and Mind

We cry when we're happy, sad, angry, frustrated, and moved... but why?

How This BIPOC Mental Health Podcast Got Me Through Covid-19

mental health podcast with meditation specifically for BIPOC helped me practice self-care and stay calm during the pandemic.

I Have Anxiety—and Here’s How It Actually Helps Me

I was diagnosed with panic disorder 20 years ago at age 19. I quickly learned that treating anxiety requires a...

10 Tips for Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Everyone feels anxious and a little panicked now and then, but when worry becomes excessive and starts to affect everyday...

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What Emotional Labor Really Is and How it Saps Your Mental Health

Emotional labor is an extra, psychologically exhausting effort that people have to make at home, work, or in relationships.

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How to Set Intentions to Get Un-Stuck and Improve Your Mental Health

Setting intentions, or stating what you intend to do, could help you take action, reach goals in a more mindful...

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18 Resilience Quotes to Help You Overcome Adversity

Resilience isn't something you're born with. It's a learned skill that can benefit you in every area of your...

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Do Your Emotions Feel Larger Than Life? 7 Signs You Might Have Dysregulation

Emotional dysregulation is more than just having intense, overwhelming feelings—it's acting out on those emotions in unproductive ways. Here's...

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Are You an Avoider? Recognizing—and Overcoming—Avoidance Behavior

We'd all rather sit home some nights—but when you do it all the time you may be indulging in avoidance...

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Can Stress Cause Hives? 8 Things to Know About Stress Hives

Yes, there's such a thing as a stress rash or hives. Find out more about stress hives and...

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12 Things Mental Health Experts Want You to Know About Naomi Osaka’s French Open Withdrawal

Tennis star Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open for her mental health. Here's what the therapists have to say...

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9 Ways to Build Resilience, According to Mental Health Experts

It is possible to start building resilience at any age, experts say, but you need support from friends and...

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How Meditation Can Ease Depression

A regular mindfulness-based meditation practice can interrupt a cycle of negative thinking. Here's how meditation can help depression, and...

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13 Easy Phrases That Will Help You Set Healthy Boundaries

Maintaining a healthy emotional space is crucial for your mental well-being. These phrases will help you set boundaries with...

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7 Reasons You Keep Thinking About Someone—and How to Stop

Is there a special someone dominating your thoughts? Here's why it happens and how to stop thinking about them,...

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16 Quotes About Boundaries That Will Help You Say “No”

Establishing boundaries can be empowering but challenging. These boundaries quotes will inspire you to set and maintain boundaries with...

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9 Signs Toxic Productivity Is Impacting Your Life

Trying to be productive in all areas of your life can hurt you mentally and physically. Here's how to...

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8 Signs You Desperately Need a Mental Health Day

A mental health day can help build social and emotional balance. Here are signs you need to take a...

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14 Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome—and How to Deal With It

Feel like a fraud? You might have imposter syndrome. Here's the definition of imposter syndrome, plus how to gain...

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Love Personality Tests? What the Enneagram Test Can Tell You

The Enneagram personality test helps you think about your strengths and weaknesses. But experts caution that it can oversimplify...

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Post-Pandemic: Coping With the Anxiety of a Changed World

The pandemic isn't quite over, but many people are thinking ahead to post-pandemic life with a mixture of excitement and...

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Not an Introvert or an Extrovert? 8 Signs You Could Be an Ambivert

Ambiverts fall between introverts and extroverts, and that comes with advantages—and some disadvantages as well.

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This Is the Best Time to Meditate, According to Experts

When is the best time to meditate to reap big benefits? It depends. Experts share optimal times that...

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Here’s How to Use Meditation for Anxiety and Restore Your Inner Calm

Meditation can help manage daily feelings of stress and anxiety. Here's how to do it.

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How to Find the Best Therapy App for You, According to Experts

The virtual therapy market makes it convenient to see a therapist from your own home. Here's how to find the...

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Here’s What Therapists Think About the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Spoiler alert: Psych pros think there are much better ways to measure your personality. Here's why the Myers-Briggs test...

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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination—Is This Keeping You up Late at Night?

If you delay sleep in favor of bingeing TV or browsing social media, you may be a bedtime procrastinator. Here's...

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This Is How I’m Grieving for My Husband—and a Future Without Him

When my husband, 30, passed away from a brain tumor, I had to say goodbye to our future. Here's...