Positive thinking can go a long way. Learn about how to live your happiest life.

17 Short Inspirational Quotes that Will Make Your Day

Get inspired to be a better, happier, more productive person with these short inspirational quotes from comedians, philosophers, authors, and celebrities.

New Report: This Is the No. 1 Happiest State in America

Happiness may be a state of mind—but according to a new report, it's also abundant in one highly elevated...

Comedian Matteo Lane on the Healing Power of Laughter

Comedian Matteo Lane's standup special premieres June 11 on YouTube. "I used humor to come out of the closet,"...

Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Laugh

Doctors explain how a good giggle can elevate your health, extend your lifespan, and even strengthen muscles.

Deepak Chopra’s #1 Meditation for Happiness

Research suggests meditation can drive a 40% increase in your baseline happiness level. Check out this Deepak Chopra meditation to...

8 Best Mood-Supporting Vitamins and Supplements, from a Nutrition Psychologist

Here comes the sun! If you're researching supplements, a nutritional psychology specialist says a few particular nutrients and probiotics...

People Who Did This One Thing at Age 50 Were the Healthiest at Age 80

A new book from a renowned Harvard University doctor reveals why being happy is an even better predictor of...

The Happiness Diet: 7 Best Mood-Boosting Foods, from Nutrition and Brain Experts

Munch your way to a brighter day with the foods science increasingly suggests can make you feel happier.

Are You Faster Than Blake Leeper? The World Record Holder on Why ‘Discovering New Abilities Is...

On the new People Are Awesome show, Are You Faster Than Blake Leeper?, the eight-time Paralympic international medalist is giving us...

‘It’s OK to Slow Down’: The Story Behind TikTok’s Plant-Growing Guru, @Creat...

This fan-favorite influencer with 6 million followers shares how nature restored his spirit in tough times. Here we explore how...

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal, With 16 Prompts to Help You Get Started

According to experts, keeping a gratitude journal can have numerous health benefits. Here's what the experts want you to know...

6 Happiness Books that Mental Health Experts Trust

Can you read your way to a sunnier, savvier, and more-grateful perspective? Here are some happinesss books mental health...

How I Changed My Mindset to Conquer Fear and Find Happiness

After growing up unhappy, insecure, and fearful, a woman harnesses the power of positive thinking to build confidence and...

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4 Simple Things You Can Buy on Amazon to Boost Your Mood

Invest in your mental health with these simple products that may help you feeler calmer, more relaxed, and happier.

What Is Happiness? The Science and Benefits of Feeling Happy

Here's a look at what science says about happiness, its health benefits, and what experts suggest for feeling more of...

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The 17 Best Graduation Quotes You’ll Want to Memorize

Get inspired by these graduation quotes from speeches by Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Amy Poehler, Neil Gaiman, and more.

16 Things We’re All Looking Forward to Once Social Distancing Ends

Real-people share stories about what they're most looking forward to doing after self-quarantine restrictions finally let up.

The 15 Best Gifts For Staying Warm and Cozy this Winter

Comfy blankets, cozy scarves, cashmere pajamas: Give something that will bring warmth to the ones you love this year.

50 Best Simple Pleasures That Make Life Worth Living

From warm laundry to the smell of cookies, sometimes it really is the little things that make life beautiful!

29 Instant Mood Boosters You Won’t Want to Live Without

In real life, achieving an upbeat or relaxed mood can come down to the little things we do for ourselves—or...

18 Foods That Are Proven to Boost Your Mood

The cure for your blues is in your pantry.

8 Myths of Happiness You’ve Convinced Yourself Are True

Think the right job, a bigger house, or a perfect spouse is the ticket to happiness? Turns out there's a...

You’ll Be Happiest During These Two Years of Your Life, According to Science

Good news: your happiest years are still ahead of you. Science says so!

14 New Year’s Resolutions to Make 2019 Your Happiest Year Ever

New Year's resolutions may sound cliché, but experts say there are ways to keep them.

10 Surprising Tricks to Be Happier (Without Really Trying)

The simplicity of these science-backed happiness habits—and how easy they are to incorporate in your life—may surprise you.

30 Big (and Little) Things to Be Grateful For

September 21 is World Gratitude Day — here are a few ideas to get you inspired!

50 Tiny Changes That Will Make You a Happier Person

Happiness doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how you can choose joy every single day.

22 Tricks for an Instantly Happier Morning

Get out the door faster and worry-free with these easy morning tweaks.

Science Has Finally Determined the 5 Little Life Skills That Promise Success

Here's good news: If you had a less-than-wonderful childhood, you can still have amazing success in life. How? It comes...

10 Things Naturally Optimistic People Do Every Day

Adopt these simple habits and it won’t be hard to see the glass as half full.