Whether your relationship is platonic or romantic, every relationship is important. Learn about how to have a healthy relationship with everyone in your life.

Trust in a Relationship: Why It’s Important—and How to Build It

Trust in a relationship is a critical part of a happy, healthy romantic partnership. Follow our expert tips on how to build it.

Is Sex Important in a Relationship? Here’s What Experts Say

Experts reveal how important sex is in relationships and how to have a sex life both you and your partner...

Is There a Covert Narcissist in Your Life? 18 Things Therapists Need You to Know

Recognizing a covert narcissist isn't easy. Here's what to watch for—plus expert tips for dealing with them.

How to Move on from a Relationship

Breaking up is hard to do—but you can turn a negative into a more positive experience with our expert tips...

16 Gaslighting Memes to Help You Feel a Little Less Alone

Here are some memes that may help you learn the signs of gaslighting, understand your own situation, find comfort, get...

Can Pheromone Perfumes Make You More Attractive to the Opposite Sex?

You may have seen advertisements for pheromone perfumes or sprays that promise to make you more sexually attractive or to...

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Are You in a Situationship? How to Tell and What to Do About It

Here's what it means to be in a situationship and what experts recommend you do about these often confusing relationships.

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How to Use the 5 Love Languages, According to Therapists

Relationships are tricky, but knowing about the five love languages could make expressing love easier for you—and your partner,...

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What Is Trauma Bonding? What Therapists Want You to Know

Trauma bonding happens when you form an emotional bond with a physical or emotional abuser. Learn the signs of these...

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8 Signs You’re in a One-Sided Relationship

If you're giving more than you're getting, it's time to reassess and have your needs met. Here are the signs...

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7 Things Therapists Need You to Know About Relationship PTSD

Abusive relationships take a horrible toll, but the damage doesn't always end with the relationship.

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Want to Be a Better Listener? Here’s What Good Listeners Actually Do

Really hearing what people are telling you may be the key to improving your relationships—and boosting your self-esteem. Here's...

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Is Getting Back With an Ex a Good Idea? 8 Ways You Can Tell, According to Therapists

Ending a relationship doesn't mean the door is necessarily closed forever. But you have to do some emotional homework...

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Here Are 9 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

Friends can help prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness, but making friends as an adult can be difficult. These...

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16 Things to Know About Attachment Theory

Attachment theory can tell you a lot about how you connect in relationships. Here's what to know...

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14 Therapist-Approved Date Night Questions for a Stronger Relationship

Starting or maintaining a healthy romantic relationship can be fun, but also requires work. Here are some therapist-approved date...

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A Guide to Healthy Relationships (and How to Spot Unhealthy Ones)

Personal connections and healthy relationships may help you lead a happier life. Here's how to recognize toxic behavior, and...

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9 Red Flags in a Relationship that Mean Trouble

Whether you're dating or an already committed couple, pay attention to these warning signs that can mean trouble in your...

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Why Arguing Doesn’t Work—and What to Do Instead

Arguing can be counterproductive. Instead, try motivational interviewing, a tactic used by therapists to help people broaden their views.

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17 Relationship Communication Quotes Every Couple Will Love

Poor communication can be a relationship deal breaker. Here are some expert tips for better communication, plus quotes that'll...

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How I Used 7 Communication Tips to Improve My Relationship

Knowing how to communicate in a relationship is crucial. These are the strategies I used to introduce healthy and honest...

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Thinking of Ghosting Someone? Why You Should Think Again

Ghosting is when you disappear from someone's life without any explanation. Here's why people ghost, the effects on both parties,...

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How to Leave an Abusive Relationship: 18 Expert Tips

Here's how to tell if you're in an abusive relationship and how to safely leave for a better life.

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How to Fix a Broken Relationship: 8 Expert Tips

Before you try to fix a broken relationship, you must first know what's going wrong as a couple. Here's where...

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What is Love Bombing? 11 Ways to Spot this Relationship Red Flag

Getting a lot of big gifts and declarations of undying love early in a relationship? This could be a

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Is Depression Affecting Your Relationship? 8 Ways to Tell

Depression can be one of the biggest challenges in a relationship—and one that you may be able to conquer...

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17 Quotes that Shed Light on Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior can cause huge rifts and lasting pain in relationships, but you don't have to stay locked in this...

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5 Relationship Deal Breakers That Suggest It’s Time to Move on

Most healthy relationships require compromise, but if you see these red flags in your partner, pay close attention—especially if...

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Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship? Here’s How to Tell

Relationship experts reveal the telltale signs of an unhealthy relationship, plus how to know if it's time to end it.

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Can a Narcissist Change? Here’s What Experts Say

Narcissists believe that they are living their best life—so would they ever agree to change their destructive behaviors? Here's...