Whether your relationship is platonic or romantic, every relationship is important. Learn about how to have a healthy relationship with everyone in your life.

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5 Factors Linked to Successful Relationships, According to Science

Falling in love is the easy part. Here's some relationship advice for how to make it last—according to...

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12 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Can you recognize the signs of a toxic relationship? Do you know how to fix the situation? Learn both...

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12 Things You Can Do Right Now to Combat Racism

To create meaningful change and combat racism, experts offer their tips to fight for social justice, from going to...

14 Places to Donate to Fight Racism and Injustice

If you want to address racial injustice, these organizations will help make sure your donation does the most good in...

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How to Online Date While Social Distancing for Coronavirus

A single woman and a committed couple share how they are dating during Covid-19 quarantine while still following social...

Coronavirus and Domestic Violence: What to Do If You’re Being Abused

Domestic violence is on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are ways to stay safe even during this crisis.

How to Help a Friend Experiencing Domestic Violence

Finding a safe and sound way to assist a friend suffering abuse just got even trickier. Experts have solutions for...

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How Divorce and Separation Is Making Coronavirus Even More Complicated

Negotiating with an ex can be a nightmare at any time, but post-divorce families are facing new, difficult decisions on...

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Asking Yourself These Two Little Questions Can Stop Any Fight in its Tracks

Science suggests asking these two questions is the key to a better relationship and to resolving conflicts more effectively among...

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These Are the 2 Words Never to Say to Someone Going Through a Crisis

If a friend is going through a crisis and approaches you for support, focus on listening, and avoid these two...

10 Tiny Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

We asked relationship experts for tips on how to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, leading to better...

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My Husband and I Did Marriage Counseling for One Month—Here’s What Happened

Marriage counseling may be an unconventional gift for a 10-year wedding anniversary—but it's exactly what this marriage needed.

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When Your Partner Has Anxiety, Here Are 9 Ways You Can Help

Supporting a partner with anxiety can be a challenging proposition. Patience and understanding go a long way. Here are some...

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8 Things to Know About Hugging In the #MeToo Era

Do you know the etiquette of hugging? There are simple steps you can take to ensure your good intentions are...

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11 Most Heart-Warming Hugs of the Last Decade

Not only are these the best hugs of the decade—just look at them—but science explains why these hugs (and yours)...

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15 Signs That Your Relationship Could Turn Abusive

Pay close attention to these warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

15 Things Most Women Don’t Realize About Domestic Violence

In just five minutes—by the time you finish this article—nearly 100 people will have been the victims of physical violence...

3 Survivors Share Their Stories of Escaping and Healing From Domestic Violence

These three women have turned their stories of abuse into ones of empowerment and they're now helping others escape and...

Why I Stayed in An Abusive Relationship

Leaving an abusive relationship is harder than you think.

Are Sexless Marriages More Common Than We Think?

How much sex should married couples have? Experts sound off on sexless marriage and long-term love.

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If You Keep Lying About These 10 Things, Your Relationship Is Doomed

Met the love of your life, and want it to last forever? Read on to find out the worst fibs,...

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What to Say When Someone Is Sick With a Serious Health Condition (and Topics to Avoid)

It's difficult to know what to say when someone you care about is suffering. Here's a good list of conversation...

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10 Science-Backed Reasons for Sexual Attraction

Here's all the science behind the reasons you swoon: Learn the laws of attraction

9 Ways Kissing Makes You Stronger

Pucker up: These kissing tips will keep any couple strong—physically and mentally.

This Is Why You Should Call Your Mom More Often

Science says a phone call is as powerful as a hug.

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15 Types of Arguments That May Mean the End of Your Relationship

Can you tell if your spats have veered into territory that relationship experts identify as dangerous? Check out the warning...