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Is Popcorn Healthy? 9 Reasons You Need Popcorn in Your Diet

Have you ever asked yourself "is popcorn healthy?" If so, we've got some great news for you—yes it is. Eating popcorn is one of the healthiest snack habits you can have. It's filled with fiber, has more antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables, and may even help fight cancer.

These Are the Best Alcohol-Free Beers—I Know Because I Tried Them All

Curb your cravings for a cold beer with these non-alcoholic stouts, IPAs, and other delightfully foamy alternatives.

Do ‘Forever Chemicals’ Leak Into Your Frozen Foods in the Microwave? Experts Respond

These particular chemicals are raising growing concerns. Here's what experts caution when zapping your frozen foods in the microwave.

“Illegal” Meat Pulled from Restaurants and Retailers in 9 States

Concerned the products were not prepared "to control pathogens," federal authorities advise against consumption.

Nearly 14,000 Containers of Ice Cream Recalled in 8 States

At the height of summer sales season, the FDA cited foreign matter discovered inside two tubs of a popular flavor.

More Than 2,000 Pounds of Chicken Recalled Nationwide

Americans with a taste for ethnic flavors will want to be aware of this warning on two products that are...

4,620 Pounds of Egg Recalled After Distribution To at Least 9 States

Travel season may call for an extra heads-up on this recall, which the government has classified at the highest risk...

Salmon Sold in 15 States Has Just Been Recalled

Two major grocery chains carry the product, in which authorities say "routine testing has revealed the presence of" foodborne contamination.

I Ate Watermelon Every Day for a Week—Here’s What Happened

Spoiler alert: I was well-hydrated, as my urinary system indicated. Plus, a nutrition expert pinpoints the one way of eating...

13 Popular Ice Cream Brands Recall Products Nationwide Due to Potential Contamination

The recall includes products from Hershey's, Jeni's and other popular national brands.

Popular Coffee Manufacturer Recalls 288 Products Sold Nationwide Due to ‘Deadly Toxin’

According to the FDA, the manufacturer's current process could lead to the "growth and production" of botulinum toxin, which may...

A Popular Brand Just Recalled 168,000 Frozen Breakfast Items in 17 States

Due to a manufacturing error, two popular flavors from a "healthy" brand may contain an undeclared, potentially life-threatening allergen.

Prepared Sandwiches Were Just Recalled in at Least 5 U.S. States

Travelers and meal delivery subscribers may want to pay attention for food poisoning symptoms from any of 25 products sold...

I Ate Yogurt Every Day for a Week—Here’s What Happened

With a Cleveland Clinic expert's help, a lactose-sensitive health editor discovered a few favorite things about the daily dairy fix...

Nearly 850,000 Cream Cheese Products Have Been Recalled in 19 States and Puerto Rico

The FDA states eight varieties sold at massive grocers—and one international fast food chain—may be contaminated.

More Than 20,000 Pounds of Meat Recalled in 4 States

The government "is concerned that some product may be in consumers’, distributors’, restaurants’, retailers’, or institutions’ freezers."


A Major Condiment “Distributed Nationwide in Retail Stores” Has Been Recalled

This can be touched by food poisoning? Yes, say agriculture surveyors—read this before you reach for that shaker.

Costco Just Recalled a Major Cheese Brand in One U.S. Region

The cheesemaker advises Costco members that the product was sold throughout the month of May and may contain foreign matter.

Eating This May Improve Kidney Health, Says Intriguing New Study

New research out of Italy spoons up the go-ahead to enjoy an occasional sweet, with a few checkmarks to make...

More Than 2,000 Products Recalled by Popular Meal Delivery Service

Recalls tend to affect supermarket brands, but a late-breaking concern highlights the possible risk for meal delivery kits...perhaps especially in...

A Popular Yogurt Brand Has Been Recalled in at Least One State

It's a brand that's largely marketed to kids, which is all the more reason you'll want to be aware of...

32 Products Recalled by Major Candy Company Nationwide, with Special Attention in 17 States

They go by any of 10 different brand names, which you may recognize if you shop at retailers such as...

55,000 Boxes of a Popular Tea Recalled Nationwide

The cited reason for the recall differs from most, and loyal fans of the brand will most likely be surprised...

Walmart Just Recalled a Great Value Health Food Distributed Nationwide

Want to Prevent High Blood Pressure? Eat More of This

Plus, the delicious, nutrient-packed foods you can pair it with to maximize its heart-healthy benefits.

What Is a Recall, and Why Do They Happen? An Expert Explains

Data show recalls on groceries and consumer goods have surged since 2022. Here's the official essence of what a recall...

PLANTERS Just Recalled 2 Popular Products in 5 States

The peanuts were sold into two major grocery chains, according to an announcement published heading into the weekend.

French’s Just Recalled More than 3,000 Units of an Iconic Summer Grocery

More Than 16,000 Pounds of Meat Recalled Nationwide

Authorities say the product was distributed to Walmart locations around the country.

PepsiCo Has Recalled 2,800 Cases of a Popular Soda in 6 States

This update comes on the heels of a recent packaging slip-up that could be harmful to some consumers.

More Than 85,000 Pounds of Meat Recalled in 8 States

This charcuterie staple may call for a second look, according to the company that distributed it in the U.S.