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There are many skin problems out there. Learn about how to maintain clear skin and keep it healthy with our skin care tips.

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“My Psoriasis Got So Bad that I Nearly Gave Up”

About 125 million people around the world have psoriasis, a skin condition that can be devastating. Here's one woman's story...

The Best Acne Scar Treatment for Even the Toughest Scars

As much as you’d like to forget your pimpled past, your face remembers—in the form of scars. Whether they’re raised...

7 Skin Conditions That Look Like Acne But Aren’t

Can you spot the pimple imposter?

Is Goat Milk Soap Good for Your Skin?

Goat milk soap does have benefits for soothing irritated, sensitive skin—but it's not for everyone. Learn more.

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Yes, Eyebrow Dandruff Is Real—Here’s How to Treat It

If you're dealing with flaky eyebrows, chances are you have eyebrow dandruff. Learn what causes it and how to...

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7 Best Tinted Sunscreens, According to Dermatologists

Keep your summer glow and avoid sun damage with these dermatologist-approved SPF tinted sunscreens for every skin type,...

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Eczema vs. Psoriasis: 13 Differences Doctors Need You to Know

Eczema and psoriasis have a lot in common, but there are key differences in their causes, triggers, symptoms, and treatments....

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10 Sun Hats to Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

Knowing what to look for in a sun hat can really save your skin. Dermatologists explain what to look for,...

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12 Biologics That Are Used to Treat Psoriasis

Biologics have been game-changers for many people with psoriasis. Learn more about biologic medications used to treat psoriasis, including...

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Sun-Protective Clothing—What to Wear to Protect Your Skin

You probably have clothes in your closet that can protect your skin. There's also clothing specifically made for sun...

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Does CBD Help Psoriasis? Here’s What Experts Say

CBD oil is widely touted for its health benefits, and when it comes to psoriasis, there are reasons...

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Is It Scalp Psoriasis or Dandruff? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

Is your dry, flaky scalp caused by dandruff or scalp psoriasis? Here are pictures that can help you...

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8 Tips for Dealing With Psoriasis on Your Eyelids

Treating psoriasis on your eyelids can be tricky. Find relief with these treatment options and lifestyle tips.

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18 Things You Should Know About Palmoplantar Psoriasis

Palmoplantar psoriasis is a type of psoriasis on your palms and soles of your feet that can be especially...

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What to Do if You Have Genital Psoriasis

Genital psoriasis can be difficult to manage, but there are treatments that can help.

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10 Ways to Deal With Psoriasis in Your Ears

Ear psoriasis can impair your hearing if it spreads to your ear canal. Learn about its symptoms, treatments, and...

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9 Tips for Treating Psoriasis on Your Feet

Psoriasis, an inflammatory skin condition, can damage feet. Here's what to know about foot psoriasis and how to treat...

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8 Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly—and 5 to Avoid

Petroleum jelly can prevent blisters, heal skin rashes, and make mask-wearing more comfortable, but there are times when...

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Here’s Why You Get Ingrown Pubic Hairs—And How to Get Rid of Them

Ingrown pubic hairs are common, especially for people who groom their pubic hair. Here's what you can do to get...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Psoriasis Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Have scaly, itchy skin? You might have psoriasis. Here are the skin condition's symptoms, causes, types, and treatments.

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The 8 Reef-Safe Sunscreens Dermatologists Love

Protect your skin and ocean creatures when you use these reef-safe sunscreens. You'll find high SPFs and makeup-friendly options...

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Biotin vs. Collagen: What’s the Difference?

Get the lowdown on biotin vs. collagen: What are they, and will either give you healthy skin, hair,...

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Is Liquid Soap Better than Bar Soap?

When it comes to skin health and killing germs, should you reach for bar or liquid soap? Here are...

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What Is Post-Inflammatory Erythema? These Post-Acne Red Spots Aren’t Scars

Post-inflammatory erythema is the red or pink spot that forms after a pimple is gone. Here's are...

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Niacinamide and Your Skin: Benefits—Plus Expert Tips on Using It

Here's what to know about the benefits of niacinamide or niacinamide serum. Plus: How to use it in your

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What You Should Know About Marine Collagen

Can marine collagen, which is created from fish, really boost skin health? Here's what the experts say.

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5 Benefits of Taking Collagen—and What It Can’t Do

Are the supposed benefits of taking collagen supplements, such as younger-looking skin, legitimate or hype? Here's what the science...

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What Is Collagen Powder and Does It Work?

The potential benefits of collagen powder, like boosting skin health, sound promising, but does it work? Here's what...

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Does Vegan Collagen Powder Really Work?

Collagen isn't typically vegan, but genetically modified yeast and bacteria can help create plant-based collagen. Here's how it works...