Sunburns and Sunscreen

Sunburns are not only painful, they can cause some serious damage. Read up on sunburn relief and sunscreen for your face and body.

‘What SPF Do I Need?’ Here’s a Dermatologist’s Reliable Method for Choosing

Data show there's a good chance you're not totally sure of which SPF you need. A dermatologist explains how to choose the best sunscreen for you—plus, common tanning myths experts say are now "old-school."

The 3-Step Skincare Process Derms Are Recommending This Summer—and 3 Products to Halt Until Fall

Sun damage can continue for hours after you've come indoors. Dermatologists say this bare-bones summer skincare routine...

4 Unexpected Body Parts That Are Sunscreen Musts, Says Research

Are you protecting all of the high-risk areas for skin cancer? (Are you sure?) Derms weigh in on their...

The Scalp Skin Cancer and Brain Connection, Plus 6 Quality Scalp Sunscreen Products

Serious skin cancer of the scalp accounts for 15 percent of all skin cancer cases—in part, experts say, because...

Which Sunscreen Works Better: Spray vs. Lotion? Dermatologists Reveal 5 Rare Sunscreen Facts

We have their verdict—plus, the answers to more sunscreen questions you didn't realize you had.

The 5 Best Hormone-Safe Sunscreens, Recommended by Doctors

With rising concerns about toxins in sunscreens, protect your wellness with these high-SPF, mineral-based picks from dermatologists, hormone experts,...

Sunscreen Safety Is Under Fire This Summer—Doctors Share the Facts

Lately, you may have heard that some sunscreens may actually be harmful—but, say dermatologists, sun protection is still essential. Scientists...

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7 Best Tinted Sunscreens, According to Dermatologists

Keep your summer glow and avoid sun damage with these dermatologist-approved SPF tinted sunscreens for every skin type,...

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10 Sun Hats to Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

Knowing what to look for in a sun hat can really save your skin. Dermatologists explain what to look for,...

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Sun-Protective Clothing—What to Wear to Protect Your Skin

 Avoiding sun damage is a must to prevent premature aging and skin cancer—and the right

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The 8 Reef-Safe Sunscreens Dermatologists Love

Protect your skin and ocean creatures when you use these reef-safe sunscreens. You'll find high SPFs and makeup-friendly options...

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11 Best Sunscreens for People with Dark Skin Tones

Dermatologists share the best sunscreens for people with darker skin, including products that absorb easily and are free of...

10 Best Sunless Self-Tanners for Summer 2020 on Amazon

Get your golden summer glow without the skin cancer risks with these budget-friendly self-tanners on Amazon.

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What’s the Difference Between Sunscreen and Sunblock?

Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is the best way to reduce your risk of skin cancer and...

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10 Face Sunscreens You Won’t Mind Wearing Every Day

Finding a sunscreen that won't gum up your face isn't easy. These dermatologists reveal their favorites you can add to...

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How Often Do You Need to Reapply Sunscreen?

Here's how to use sunscreen the right way, including how to tell the difference in types, as well as when...

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The Best Products for Reversing Sun Damage, According to Dermatologists

These dermatologist-approved skin care products will help prevent and reverse sun damage, resulting in younger-looking skin.

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6 Reasons You Need to Wear Sunscreen in Winter

Do you check the weather before deciding whether you should wear sunscreen? You need that protection year-round—science explains why

Get Rid of a Sunburn: 9 Makeup and Skincare Tricks to Reduce the Redness

Neutralize sunburn with a bit of primer (and a lot of TLC).

Does Sun Protective Clothing Really Work? Dermatologists Weigh In

All clothing that covers skin is somewhat preventative. Sun-protection clothing offers extra protection. But before you put away that sunscreen,...

10 Things NOT to Do After Getting a Sunburn

You didn't mean to get a sunburn, but now the damage is done. Avoid these mistakes that will make it...

12 Things That Up Your Risk of Sun Damage

Skipping sunscreen isn't the only thing linked to sun damage. Skin care products, medications, certain foods, and even perfume can...

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12 Sunscreens Top Dermatologists Actually Use on Themselves

The SPF aisle is packed with products and can be super-confusing, so we cut to the chase and asked dermatologists...

The 12 Worst Places on Your Body to Get a Sunburn

Basically, a sunburn anywhere is a terrible place. But these are the areas we tend to overlook—and can lead...

11 Hidden Signs You May Get a Serious Sunburn

Dermatologists reveal the surprising things that raise the risk of sunburn, from medications to food, to help you keep...

8 Ways Your Body Changes After Just One Sunburn

Sunburns can seriously injure the skin. Here's how just one sunburn causes lasting damage

30 Sunscreen Dos and Don’ts You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Before lathering up this summer make sure you know all that you need to about sunscreen.

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17 Sneaky Ways Summer Could Make You Sick—and How to Stay Healthy

Summer brings beautiful weather, longer daylight hours, and outdoor fun—but also some hidden health hazards that could leave you or...

10 Weird Ways the Sun Affects Your Body (Besides Sunburn)

A better night’s sleep? Happier mood? A strange rash? Spending time in the sun has upsides and downsides you’ve...

18 Sunscreen Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

Dermatologists share the most common sunscreen mistakes people make, along with easy fixes that protect against skin cancer and signs...

9 Clear Signs You’ve Gotten Too Much Sun

There's nothing like spending a beautiful summer day soaking up some vitamin D. But a fun day in the sun...