20 Relationship Communication Quotes to Strengthen Your Love

Updated: Nov. 15, 2023

Screenshot-worthy words of wisdom about the power of the words you use with your partner. Plus a therapist's tips to communicate effectively.

Good communication builds better relationships

Your relationships could save your life. Literally. People with strong relationships were 50 percent less likely to die from any cause, regardless of age, sex or health status, according to a meta-analysis of 148 studies on mortality risk, published by the American Psychological Association. And the flip side is true too: People with few or no relationships were far more likely to die over the same time period, with the negative effect of loneliness being equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

So clearly making and maintaining close relationships is critical to our emotional, physical, and mental health. Sometimes that can feel tricky though. (Social anxiety, anyone?) But there is a powerful relationship skill that can help you make new relationships and strengthen existing ones: Communication.

Here’s exactly how friendships improve our health.

“How you communicate your wants, needs, and desires to your partner and how they receive that, and vice versa, is the foundation of your relationship,” says Vijayeta Sinh, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

Learning how to speak your mind clearly but kindly and how to listen (and really hear them) are skills you can improve with practice. Dr. Sinh says good communication can develop into a powerful cycle wherein the talking and listening foster a stronger bond, and both partners can come to feel greater competence, compatibility, and confidence in their relationship. This then further enhances communication, Dr. Sinh says: “Partners who communicate well are good at knowing and understanding what the other needs from them and know how to meet those expectations.” That’s a win-win.

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Are you a good communicator?

But how do you know if you and your partner are communicating well, until it’s totally clear you aren’t? Dr. Sinh recommends answering the following questions as honestly as you can. These questions can show you where you are strong and where your communication skills may still need work:

  • Can you say what you need from your partner without blaming, criticizing, or lecturing?
  • Can you listen to what your partner needs from you without becoming defensive? And do you remember those needs later?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking your partner to talk about a difficult issue?
  • Do you first consider how what you say impacts your partner, practically and emotionally?
  • When things start to feel tense, can you continue to speak in a patient, calm way with your partner?
  • Do you feel like you can ask for space to calm down during a heated conversation? Can you give your partner space, if requested?
  • How do you usually feel after an emotional conversation with your partner?

Need a little inspiration or motivation to improve your communication skills with your partner? Start by reading these relationship communication quotes from experts, as well as people who’ve been there.

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Relationship communication quotes

Relationship Communication Quotes 1
The Healthy

“We’re often afraid of being vulnerable, but vulnerability creates genuine connection.” — Gabby Bernstein

Being vulnerable—emotionally open and honest, without your guard up—can be really scary. But being able to communicate your feelings in a vulnerable way is one of the top six keys to building trust in a healthy relationship.

Relationship Communication Quotes 2
The Healthy

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” — Oscar Wilde

Communication doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, some of the best bonding moments in a relationship happen just from everyday conversations. Just make sure you are listening as much as you’re speaking; these 5 tips will help you become a better listener.

Relationship Communication Quotes 3
The Healthy

“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.” — Joanne Woodward

Passion can start a relationship but humor is what will really make it last: Couples who laugh together, stay together.

Relationship Communication Quotes 4
The Healthy

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Common goals are another key to having a successful relationship but you won’t know what those are unless you can communicate about the future. Need an example? Here’s how to set exercise goals as a couple.

Relationship Communication Quotes 5
The Healthy

“You’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.” — Kathleen (Meg Ryan), in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”

What you talk about isn’t as important as how often you do it and how it makes you feel. Chatting may not come naturally to everyone so try these seven communication strategies guaranteed to make your relationship stronger.

Relationship Communication Quotes 6
The Healthy

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw, writer

Sinh says nothing is more frustrating than being on the receiving end of a one-sided interaction—perhaps better known as a lecture. You can avoid this by frequently checking in with your partner when you’re speaking, and asking clarifying questions when they are speaking.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 7
The Healthy

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” — Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and writer

Body language communicates just as much, if not more than the words said. This is true both when you’re speaking and listening. Paying attention to the other person’s nonverbal cues is one way to be a better listener.

Relationship Communication Quotes 8
The Healthy

“Trust is the glue of life. It is the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” — Stephen R. Covey, internationally bestselling author

Experts say that trustworthiness is one of the most important attributes to look for in a partner. Here’s more wisdom on building trust in a relationship.

Relationship Communication Quotes 9
The Healthy

“I have been in love, and it was a great feeling. But love isn’t enough in a relationship—understanding and communication are very important aspects.” — Yuvraj Singh, an Indian athlete

Falling in love is just the beginning—but as time goes on, it takes so much more than love to sustain a loving relationship. Focusing too much on heady passion at the early stages of a relationship can make you miss serious red flags, like love-bombing.

Relationship Communication Quotes 10
The Healthy

“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen is to life. Without it, it dies.” — Tony A. Gaskins Jr., life coach

Yes, it takes work—but good communication is what will bring you both back to center.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 11
The Healthy

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” — Mark Twain

Say no more. We love this one.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 12
The Healthy

“Conflict avoidance is not the hallmark of a good relationship. On the contrary, it is a symptom of serious problems and poor communication.” — Harriet B. Braiker, psychologist and author

People who brag about being married 20 years without ever fighting are either delusional about the state of their marriage, or lying. While chronic fighting can be a clear sign of problems, having the occasional argument is simply a part of being in a relationship. The ways you work together to resolve it can deepen your bond.

On the other hand, these are the arguments that end relationships.

Relationship Communication Quotes 13
The Healthy

“A lot of problems in the world would be solved if we talked to each other instead of about each other.” — Nicky Gumbel, spiritual leader

It’s normal to seek some support from family members or friends when you’re having a tough time with your partner, but make sure you’re communicating your feelings with your spouse, and be very careful of what you share about your relationship with others.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 14
The Healthy

“A relationship without communication is just two people.” — Unknown

A lack of communication hurts every other aspect of your relationship and is one of the most-cited reasons for divorce.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 15

“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” — Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author and aviator

That person you could stay up talking with until 4 a.m? That’s something special.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 16
The Healthy

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively, with words of encouragement, or destructively, using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.” — Yehuda Berg, spiritual leader

Enough said.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 17
The Healthy

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” — Epictetus

Word to that. Check out these clear signs you have bad listening skills and how to work on improving them.

Relationship Communication Quotes 18
The Healthy

“Effective communication is 20 percent what you know and 80 percent how you feel about what you know.” — Jim Rohn, author and motivational speaker

The words you choose can convey the details, but your feelings behind them will really deliver your message.

Relationship Communication Quotes 19
The Healthy

“I have noticed that nothing I never said ever did me any harm.” — Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the United States

Anyone who’s ever feared they overshared on social media might agree: you don’t have to say everything that comes to your mind.

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Relationship Communication Quotes 20
The Healthy

“The 3 C’s of healthy relationships: communication, compromise, commitment.” — Unknown

Finding the love of your life is just the beginning of your journey together. Learning how to communicate, compromise, and truly commit to each other is what will keep you together through all the ups and downs.