8 Budget-Friendly Sex Toys Worth Trying, with Wisdom from Clinical Sex Specialists

Updated: Jul. 06, 2022

To treat yourself or jazz things up with the one who excites your heart, here are some of the best sex toys on the market right now.

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Fun in the bedroom

The great thing about sex toys is that they’re equal opportunity: they can help keep things exciting if you’re in a relationship, and they can also be a treat if you’re not.

And either way, giving your sensual health some love is important, says Sarah Melancon, PhD, a sociologist and clinical sexologist with SexToyCollective.com. On the other hand, it’s natural to experience a period of life when your appetite for sex dips. Stress, diet, underlying health conditions, and environmental factors can all do a number on your sex drive. The stress of Covid-19 hasn’t inspired us to get super close, either—lots of people have experienced a pandemic libido effect.

One of the remedies for a low sex drive? Make a commitment to quest for pleasure. One simple way to add fuel to the fire is to use adult sex toys, Melancon tells us.

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The best types of sex toys to buy

“There are so many types of toys, made for all kinds of uses and people, so the ‘best’ toy is the one that fits your needs,” says Carol Queen, PhD, sexologist for Good Vibrations, a sexual health and wellness toy retailer, and co-author of The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone. “Sex toys are really a ‘different strokes for different folks’ kind of product. So more than anything, it’s important to know what you like and want to explore.”

In other words, not all sex toys offer the same level of adventure. Reflect on your boundaries and comfort level—in most healthy relationships, you should feel comfortable expressing them and confident that they’ll be honored.

Another key? Understand that it’s important both to use and to clean your product with care. “Toxic toys can cause chemical burns,” Melancon says. “Unsafe materials can also be porous and harbor bacteria or mold, which may cause infection.” Read How’s Your Sexual Hygiene? A Doctor Says This Habit Is a Must (for Singles, Too)

It’s also important to note that most sex toys are not regulated. “Safe toy materials include 100 percent pure silicone, wood, medical-grade stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), ceramic, and hard plastic,” Melancon says. Also, she says, avoid the following: Anything made with latex, phthalates, silicon (it’s not the same as silicone), Sil-a-gel, “silicone blends,” jelly or gel, rubber (even if it claims to be latex- and phthalate-free), vinyl, PVC, TPE, TPR, elastomer, and Cyberskin.

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The best products to make your sex life better

The 5 Love Languages Chapman Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

The 5 Love Languages Book Series

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Getting wiser about communication in your relationship can seriously improve your intimate connection, too. The publisher of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages series says Chapman’s books have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

This series has a book to improve so many aspects of a relationship, including The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts and even The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition: The Secret That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships. (We told you there was plenty for everyone in this list!)

Lets Get Deep The Relationship Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Let’s Get Deep – The Relationship Game Full of Questions for Couples

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Whether it’s a new relationship or you’re looking to reconnect with your longtime partner, Let’s Get Deep may foster intimacy. With three categories of questions—“Ice Breaker,” “Deep,” and “Deeper”—you’re bound to learn new things about each other no matter how long you’ve been together.

Five-star reviewer and verified purchaser kortney said, “I bought this game for me and my fiance to play. It helps us get closer and learn a lot about each other that we didn’t know before. It would be a good game for new couples, newly engaged, or people who want to feel closer to their significant other.”

Penchant Organic Lube Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Penchant Organic Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

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Penchant’s organic, unscented aloe-based lube can be a great pick for people with sensitive skin who don’t want to be interrupted by discomfort. It’s made from body-safe ingredients with an edible formula that doesn’t become sticky or dry out, so no matter what you’re getting up—or down—to, you’ll be covered.

A five-star review from verified purchaser Intermixture reads: “If you’re like me and you and your partner have tried all sorts of store brand lubricants, then you know how gross some of them leave you feeling afterwards, or how they get sticky in the middle, or how they simply just have an uncomfortable feeling from start to finish. This stuff is about the simplest yet most satisfying lubricant I’ve ever tried. It’s ridiculously long lasting, with no gross feeling afterwards. And it just seems pure and simple all around. I highly recommend.”

Kama Sutra Massage Candle Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Ignite Kama Sutra Massage Candle

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A scented candle is a great way to set the mood, but you can do more than just that with these Ignite candles. They’re made of soy wax, which has a lower melting temperature point than other waxes.

So when it begins to melt, you have a warm massage oil that’s not too hot, Queen says. (Here are some things that happen to your body when you stop having sex.)

Svakom G Spot Vibrator Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

SVAKOM – Amy G Spot Vibrator

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SVAKOM’s Amy vibrator is designed for precise g-spot stimulation. It has 6 vibration modes with 5 different frequencies, all while staying whisper quiet so it stays nice and discreet. Michaela’s 5-star reviews insists, “YOU NEED TO BUY THIS. I just took her on for a test drive and OH. MY. GOD. It’s been 10 minutes after and I’m literally shaking all over. I can’t even catch my breath, it’s that good. I can’t even think straight enough to answer a phone call that came in right after my little session. You NEED this. She’s quiet, she’s sleek, she feels amazing, and her several different modes feel randomized enough if you customize the settings, making it a wild ride.”

How’s that for persuasion?

Original Magic Wand By Vibratex Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Vibratex Original Magic Wand

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Vibratex’s Original Magic Wand is the classic of the “power toys” genre, known for its durability and quality, Queen says—adding that there is a rechargeable, cordless version, as well. “I like to suggest vibrators for a couple of reasons: they can be used on many parts of the body, they provide a kind of stimulation you can’t get in other ways, and they tend to help people orgasm,” she says.

Sweet Vibes The Perfect Match Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

The Perfect Match Flexible Rabbit Vibrator

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The “rabbit ears” upgrade this product from a standard vibrator, giving you more options for stimulation. “This is the only vibrator that’s guaranteed with a ‘forever warranty,’ so if you don’t like it or it stops working, they will send you a new model,” Melancon says.

VibeMax Mini Wandvia amazon.com

VibeMax Mini Wand

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If you like the “wand” style but prefer something a little more compact, this mini version is a good option.

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