12 Baby Products That Are Great for Adults—and Brilliant Ways to Use Them

Many baby products do double duty and are unbelievably gentle, not to mention inexpensive. Here's what you should be borrowing from the nursery.


Baby wipes

Wet wipes can be used for so much more than changing a dirty diaper. Keep them on hand for a quick way to remove your makeup at the end of the day or to give your shoes a quick shine. Of course, there are many other extraordinary uses for baby wipes you never thought to try.



For parents with sick kids, Pedialyte is a must-have for keeping them hydrated. Take advantage of this drink’s electrolyte replenishing powers to cure your next hangover. Check out these surprising hangover cures from around the world.



Your toddler isn’t the only one with skin that needs a little babying. Use an all-natural, high SPF baby sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and some of the chemical additives found in adult sunscreen. Want to learn more about protecting your skin this summer? Check out these sunscreen dos and don’ts.


Baby powder

Baby powder shouldn’t be banished to the nursery. During a hot and humid day, nothing keeps sensitive areas dry like a sprinkle of baby powder. Here are more brilliant uses for baby powder.


Nipple balm

Most nursing mothers have experienced the soothing effects of an over-the-counter nipple balm. Don’t throw this baby product out just because you’re no longer nursing, as it works amazingly well as a healing balm for dry, cracked lips and even rough heels and elbows. If you’ve tried everything to heal your chapped lips, read up on these reasons your lips are chapped and how to heal them.


Baby wash

Made for a baby’s soft sensitive skin, use baby wash for showers if your skin is too sensitive for other body wash products. And if you have very reactive skin, consider showering less often.


Diaper cream

The same ingredients that make diaper cream so soothing for a baby’s bottom make it the perfect remedy for razor burn, especially for more sensitive areas like the bikini line. (Here’s how you’ve probably been shaving all wrong, and what to do instead.)


Baby oil

Keeping skin soft and hydrated isn’t the only reason to keep baby oil on hand. If you have stainless steel kitchen appliances, use baby oil to polish them after washing them down with dish soap. Check out these other, genius uses for baby oil.


Baby shampoo

Delicate clothing items like cashmere sweaters can be washed on a gentle cycle with baby shampoo instead of harsh detergent. Baby shampoo also makes a gentle eye makeup remover and a good cleaner for makeup brushes.


Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Take the itch out of a mosquito bite with a dab of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a popular diaper rash cream. These are the things mosquitos absolutely hate—that you’ll soon love for that very reason!


Gripe water

If you’re dealing with some nausea, gas, or bloating, gripe water may do the trick. This popular natural remedy is made from ginger and fennel, two herbs that have a reputation for helping with an upset stomach. Check out the possible causes of your stomach pain and what they might mean.



Aquaphor is a popular healing ointment that creates a protective barrier on the skin, allowing for faster healing of diaper rashes. If you’re dealing with chapped cheeks from the winter winds or even a minor burn, grab this baby product for quick healing. Here are more first-aid procedures you can do at home if you’re unable to get to a doctor.